Cartel Selected as Artist of the Month for July

Already an online phenomenon and well on their way to achieving mainstream success, Cartel, the pop-punk band from Atlanta, has been chosen as July's Xbox Live Artist of the Month.

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Marriot VP6292d ago (Edited 6292d ago )

I have to digress this music is horrible for the month. I listen to all types so don't say I'm a genre hater.

Liverpool4ever6292d ago

No, you're not an genre hater... you're an idiot!

ImTheNumber126292d ago

I think it would be cooler to show up and coming bands and make them more known. Like this cartel thing is crap I see them on t.v. enough anyways. What about the sleeping or feezy 350 (bands from the madden 07). I would like to hear something new not some video from mtv.

Liverpool4ever6292d ago

This is awesome news! Finally some good music on artist of the month. Man have I've been waiting for this. I bet you Paul C listen to Techno and that stuff that sucks so much that you could puke just listen to it, same with you Eating Lightning. Hope A New Found Glory will be the next artist of the month, or Daphne Loves Derby. Sum 41 and Green Day is cool too. At least spare us from the crappy techno and that crap. Trance = Mega CRAP.

Marriot VP6292d ago

new found, green day, sum 41, is some punk I listen to. But I like hard rock and alternative alot more. Do you have facebook I can show you the bands I listen to.

I haven't even read their lyrics but I'm sure it's all poppy and airheaded like most punk bands. Just cause you like it doesn't make it the standard for decent music.

Liverpool4ever6292d ago (Edited 6292d ago )

atleast it's better than the previous "artist of the month" - video natasha .. whatever. this is much better music compared to the previous! :D
and sorry about calling you idiot... mistake =( but anyway. some like techno, i should respect that, but i dont, because it's crap :(

Marriot VP6292d ago

haha, definately better than last month

Liverpool4ever6292d ago (Edited 6292d ago )

Daphne Loves Derby and Less Than Jake are some of my favourite bands, you should hear some of them if you havent ;)

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Liverpool4ever6292d ago

Why are people voting lame? This is COOL! C'MON! Do you still listen to barbie and ken? jeez, this rocks my socks off

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