GhostStorm: Zuma: PSN Review

Rejoice, for all our dreams of being a stone frog that shoots coloured balls out of its mouth have come true! Wait, is that a toad? If it's a toad, we're going to be very disappointed.

Zuma is a puzzle game with elements of Puzzle Bobble (AKA Bust-A-Move) and Columns. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to shoot balls into two or more of the same colour to make them disappear. Balls approach you not from the top of the screen, but along a winding path that circles the stage and eventually reaches the centre, where your froad sits. Which is a nice twist. If just one ball hits a skull panel (at least one of which is placed on every single – screen stage) at the end of the track, you lose a life and have to start the stage over. Your game is saved if you pause and quit to the main menu, though this is oddly not mentioned anywhere in the help pages.

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