What If... Microsoft Had Made A Handheld Console? writes - "Welcome to the first article in a series of answers to video game ponderings.

What if Microsoft had decided to produce a handheld console? What if they had rivaled Sony's PSP by producing a Xbox-related handheld? What if they produced games for this console that matched the PSP's content?

Well, that's what I'm wondering.

Back in 2006, there were rumors flying around the internet that Microsoft were going to take a shot at the portable gaming market, with what would basically be a handheld Xbox. A very much plausible mock-up of the console itself was made, and gamers were salivating at the possibilities. Halo on the train? Gears of War in the car on a long journey? It certainly was something to get excited about."

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Nelson M4580d ago

As Soon as you started playin a game
Just like the 360

-x.Red.x-4580d ago

i bet it will burn the hands of the bots playing it before they see the RRoD

Tr10wn4580d ago

Meh RRoD is old and bored you should stop using it, sounds like you don't know how to throw more sh!t on xbox, still they are selling more than sony lol

Natsu X FairyTail4580d ago

It's a good thing that They Dint release a Handheld console.

you guys want to know why?

because NDS was released in 2004 PSP the next year.

so this means that MS handheld would not be as popular as the others.

now maybe they can do something like that when the Next PSP and next NDS will be on the market.

shocky164580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

But to be fair - sales wise it would of flopped. Japan is much bigger to the handheld industry then the console industry.

And we all know how MS products sell in Japan. =/

EDIT: The new Zune HD works with XBL arcade so you could class that as their little handheld..

gintoki7774580d ago

oh i know i know!

they would try to take every company nintendo and sony have! and make metal gear for there handheld also!

a_squirrel4580d ago

We could touch the Master Chief xD

Seriously... no

Jaces4580d ago

I don't think I'd get it due to the lack of me playing the PSP and DS. I really only use them for on the road, so having a third hand held would be a bit of a waste.

I just wouldn't have time for all 3, haha.

kewlkat0074580d ago

Was that suppose to be a joke...come on you can't be serious

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gambare4580d ago

Then the expression "mis pantalones mucho calientes" would have a practical sense

Etseix4580d ago

what was supossed to mean?

Narutone664580d ago

My pants will stay hot all the time.

gambare4580d ago

hehe sorry, that's a joke expression used by the ones who are learning Spanish to say "my pants are hot" in this case if you keep a mini RRoD machine in your pants..... well....

SpoonyRedMage4580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

It'd mean no Diddy Kong Racing, Viva Pinata or Blue Dragon on the DS?

"The PSP, for the last two years, has been the staple of portable video gaming"

Haha, no it hasn't... I'd say even the iphone has had more actual impact.

La Chance4580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

The PSP is actually quite a boring machine, I havnt switched mine on for more than year now i think.

It has so much potential though...

Model4580d ago

boring ? you must first put the umd in, browsing xmb isn't much fun

bjornbear4580d ago

Yes gaming on it is growing like hell buts its a whole seperate market. If you wanna game, you aren't going to buy an iPhone, thats just insane.

As for the PSP being a boring machine? Well it's use also reflects the user my friend. If you haven't invested time on checking out games and emulators, you yourself are a boring person when it comes to gaming =P

I have a friend with a launch PSP and he's cosntantly got new games and stuff on that. From Work Time Fun to FF Crisis Core to TONS of emulators, to DJ PORTABLE MAX

Not to mention the up coming line up that's just SICK, makes some consoles (won't mention them for sakes of not hurting fanboy's feelings =P) gaming line-ups look like a joke.

Hell, if you haven't touched it for months, give it to someone who will give it use. Don't waste a perfectly good handheld console just becuase you lack the initiative ;)

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mrv3214580d ago

So it'll have three problems

A Microsoft OS
The problems with Zune
And the problem MS with consoles

Sounds great.

a_squirrel4580d ago

Quote: Sounds great...
not really....