Rumor: PlayStation Cloud to be Music Streaming Service

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Since this information comes from anonymous tipster, take the following with a grain of salt. Even though we can't confirm the validity of this assertion, we decided to look into the suggestion that PlayStation Cloud could be Sony's version of iTunes. We found plenty of evidence to support this claim..."

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Sev4332d ago

This isn't from our usual sources, so please take with a grain of salt. I found enough evidence to at least suggest that the claim may be true.

There is plenty more evidence if you google 'cloud music'...

bjornbear4332d ago

I'd say computing based music player? wouldn't they be taking advantage of maybe something more game related like onlive or something? ( subscription fee to play PSN games on the go? or PSN and PS2/PS1 games of choice?)

Just guessing, but PS cloud obv has to do with live streaming of something...movies too maybe?

Who knows, wtv it is it's gna be another fantastic addition to the already robust and always growing PSN =D

Killjoy30004332d ago

That's why Sony has been promoting the Playstation Network as not just a network, but an entire platform for their goal of an integrated network spanning multiple products.

Or at least that's what I think. After all, Playstation Network has come a long way since 2006, especially when you factor in a web based PS store and no video chat.

Look at it now. It's right on XBL's heels, regardless of some claims people make about the justification of an annual fifty dollar fee granting them a "premium," platform.

JL4332d ago

This could definitely be a nice addition. Even better if it turns out that Cloud encompasses music and game streaming. I'm definitely ready to hear Sony come out and give us some information on this though. But nice find here nonetheless, Sev.

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tdrules4332d ago

this would make Vidzone largely irrelevant, also licensing music in multiple countries will be a nightmare i dont think sony would bother with.

and they cant beat itunes

ChozenWoan4332d ago

Actually, with Sony being a Major music company, they already have experience with licensing music on a global scale. It's really just a matter of due process to make the service available in all regions at the same time.

As far as Itunes goes, everything seems impossible until it's done. Everquest used to be the top MMO, now it's WoW. As with all things, it's not a question of if someone will provide a service that dethrones itunes, but when.

Right now, Sony is in the best position to make such an attempt. It's got plenty of hardware in place with the Vaio, PS3, PSP, Sony Walkman, as well as various phones. Now it's just a matter of getting the software installed to provide the integrated network service experience consumers are expecting from today's electronic devices.

Sev4332d ago

Great points.

Bringing a music streaming service with PlayStation in the name to all Sony products would help promote PS3, and PSP.

It actually makes great sense for them if they are hoping to cut into Apple's stronghold with the PSP go.

thereapersson4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

Amazon's DRM-free music service already did it, and the Zune Marketplace isn't far behind. Let's see if Sony can grab a piece of the pie, too.

sinncross4332d ago

While you are absolutely correct about Sony and their music department there is one slight issue you didn't take into consideration:

each division within Sony are autonomous entities and are not obliged to help or be helped by any other Sony division. They only thing they all have in common is that they share the parent company's name: it is a reasonanably used business practise for many companies.

If SOny Music were to help Sony Playstation, then the PS department would need to pay up: they won't get the music acess for free.

Which brings up another point which is why I think that Cloud does not relate to music, or at least nto from Sony Music's perspective: why would SOny Playstation bother with patenting PS Cloud, with Sony Music alredy had their now no longer operational 'Connect Store' which was basdically like iTunes? IT would probably be easier for the PS group to resurrect that for Sony Music because that way the PS group maintained it while the Music group profitted off it.

Also another feature of VIDZONE which few people seem to know, is that you can download the mp3 of a song to your mobile though for a cost naturally. Sony could easly just have the developers change this in a way so that it can be downloaded to the PS3/ PSP, for a split fee btw both companies if needs be.

If it is a music streaming app then awesome! I would have wanted something else personally though, but they shoudl extend it then... a cloud programme that only provides music and is called 'PS Cloud' seems minor, it has to be bigger then that: maybe videos as well.

PotNoodle4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

Yeah, sony is the second largest music company in the world. They certainly have access to alot of music :p

@Above, they're not ran as seperate companies. But you're right about the divisions being very seperated. The money for each division comes from the same place, and the money coming out of each division all goes to the same place too.

Jrome4332d ago

And that is were Howard S. comes in. His aim is to reunite Sony so that all divisions work together and integrate with each other.

Therefore, the company is steering more towards working as a team rather than as separate divisions.

Also cloud is the future.

JL4332d ago

I could definitely see Sony vying with Itunes. They've got the power to do it (and definitely the catalog).

Like it was mentioned, you're misunderstanding what has been previously said. They aren't separate companies. They're just separate divisions which have little to no communication/cooperation between the divisions. That doesn't mean that SCE would have to pay SME to license music. That doesn't make any sense whatsoever. That would be like, if I were married, me having to pay my wife for some service, when we pool all our money together, thus making the exchange of payment irrelevant because it never leaves the "Household" collective. And as JRome said, Stringer has definitely said he wants to unite the divisions more. What better way to do that then start getting divisions cooperating to jointly bring out a new big application.

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dragon824332d ago

Hmmm....Sounds interesting anyway.

DlocDaBudSmoka4332d ago

when works just as well. Plus it saves you money.

DJ4332d ago

But since that hasn't happened, this may be the next best thing. So long as it's DRM free, hell yeah i'd buy it.

Rifle-Man4332d ago

iTunes on the PS3 would be a total coup!

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