Windows costs $21.50 extra in "patent tax"

Ars technica reports that according to a calculation done by the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLA), users of Microsoft Windows are paying as much as $21.50 more for each copy of the operating system they buy, thanks to the so-called "patent tax" that Microsoft is forced to pay to various companies that hold software patents.

The calculation is based on Microsoft's public statements that the company pays over $100 million each year in legal fees alone to protect itself from some 35 to 40 patent lawsuits. Recently, Microsoft has forked over significant sums to other technology companies to settle patent disputes: $1.25 billion to Sun, $536 million to Novell, and $1.52 billion to Alcatel-Lucent are just some examples. The total payouts over the last three years add up to more than $4 billion dollars...

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bobbybrown4203d ago

yeah...usual microsoft ripoff

cuco334203d ago

exactly how is it that MS is ripping people off? it's the patent world, lawyers are to blame as they make the most money, not the inventor nor the user. it's win win for patent attorneys

kewlkat0074203d ago

at least hey are not taking the SONY route and loosing rumble for the xbox360 division. Man with the amount of money they have lost on that division alone and now on patents, MS got some deep @ss pockets.

PS360WII4203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

we get taxed for their wrong doing... gotchya ^.-

heh but really what can you do? You want to go buy a Mac now? Yeah didn't think so. You want to use linux and any other free thing out there? Probably not most. It's that convenience thing we are talking about. MS has the useful OS that every business uses sept for some small business that use Mac cuz they feel they are sticking it to the man. I don't feel bad for that extra 20 bucks because that extra 20 bucks is giving me peace of mind.

And 2.1 is totally right. Lawyers find any way to get someone money, it pays them to find the way to get someone alot of money for they work on a percentage for the majority of things

ITR4203d ago

I've been using Mac's ever since ME hit.
I now only use Windows for maybe a game here and there on bootcamp.
Gotta buy a new Macbook Pro later this yr.

Ps3Fanboy7774202d ago

Thats Microsoft for you.

Consider LIVE FEE part of that because everyone else seems to have free online. PC's (for the same game!), Wii, Ps2, PS3, PSP, Nintendo DS, etc...

Xbox Live help pay for our mistakes :)