The Bender Podcast - Transformers testes, Torrents, and The Conduit

Binge Gamer writes: A new episode of The Bender for the Fourth of July (even though it has nothing to do with the holiday). We talk a bit on that Transformers movie, we pay our respects to the pitch man Billy Mays, Allison goes on about The Conduit, James talks crap about Old Wizard, and Mike gives out a lot of good torrent sites.

Show Notes | Topics

RIP Billy Mays

Mini-Bargain Gaming – 20 Games on Steam for $53.99

Transformers 2 Review (also, Michael Bay go kill yourself)

Old Wizard is a terrible web site

Starlight Children's Foundation


Pirate Bay Going Legit

Warner Bros. May Own Midway…Or Not

No More Hulu on PS3 (How to: Get it back on)

New Resident Evil Movie is Under Way (sadly)

As is an Asteroids Movie

Jack Thompson Threatened to Pull Out of ScrewAttack Games Convention…Before Finally Agreeing to Uphold His Contractually Obligated Appearance


Street Fighter III HD Remix Ain't Happenin'. Probably.

Kingdom Hearts 3? Not Anytime Soon

Grease, Apparently, is the Word

Rumor Has It That UFC is Threatening to Ban Fighters Who Sign with EA's MMA

Gran Turismo 5 Release Date Coming 'soon'

Red Faction: Guerrilla is Getting DLC. Lots of It

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