Unearthed GBA tech demo reveals untapped 3D power

Seriously whodathunkit! This is what happens when you medicate the GBA with a dangerous concoction of digital steroids and PS1 hormones.

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ItsDubC4293d ago

Wow. Pretty impressive for the GBA. I don't think that'd be possible during normal gameplay tho.

PS360WII4293d ago

seeing that is for the gba that's really awesome.. why on earth wasn't that used ever? Was it impossible to make a game with it or did no one want to put forth the effort of was it just forgotten about?

Well least for the DS sake devs are taking on the 3D world and seeing Ninja Gaiden and FF 3D can work well on the DS

God of Gaming4293d ago

So it is basically on par with the Wii now.

kidding.. kidding nintendo fans

Bonsai12144293d ago

nice renders for gba... but i'm betting that all the power is put to making it look like that. throw in a few enemies, AI, controllable character, and all that will go to hell

Gairck4293d ago

Maybe its just me, but that area looked very similar to the first area of Metal Gear Solid.