PSM3 Scans - Battlefield 1943 Review

Scans of the Battlefield:1943 review from the August issue of PSM3

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Chuk54324d ago

This will be a great time consumer till mw2 and even then it'll be a nice alternative to mw2 when you don't want to play.

mrv3214324d ago

I agree, but this and Fat Princess will prove to be my downfall, they look great stunning in their replayability.

LinuxGuru4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

I agree. I honestly will never get tired of WWII titles, but unfortunately my view on that doesn't gel with the masses. Apparently the vast amount of crap WWII games has left a bad taste in everyone's mouths.

I'll definitely play MW2, but I have a feeling the multiplayer is gonna feel like more of the same. I'll most likely rent it and beat the campaign on a couple different difficulty settings.

I know one could say "Well this is just more Battlefield same-ol same-ol! Hypocrite!" Not really. Take BF1942, add tons of polish and great sound and physics, up the resolution, and you get a much more compelling multiplayer experience. Call of Duty, on the other hand, has zero physics, canned animation (no ragdoll), and the gameplay has had almost zero changes to it since the beginning of the franchise. At least Battlefield has the Frostbite engine, which brings a host of changes to the overall experience.

Battlefield 1943 on the other hand...15 bucks, some nice looking maps, good solid graphics engine for a multiplayer title, and plenty of replayability...I'll take it.

KwietStorm_BLM4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

It's not the vast amount of crap WWII games, it's the vast amount of WWII games, period. People are just tired of the overflow, and it boggled many minds when Call of Duty actually went BACK to that time period. It's just been done to death, and it's tired. But this game looks fun. Looks something like Warhawk.

Dude4204324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

They can do as many WWII titles as they like. What has been done to death are WWII games that use the same FORMULA. Think about it, how many times have we played a COD/Medal of Honor game based on WWII, a ton. How many times have we played an RTS based on WWII, not many. What about sandbox WWII shooters, not many either.

This is why I'm getting sick of COD/Medal of Honor based on WWII, I've played that formula too many friggin' times to even care. Battlefield on the other hand, I certainly wouldn't mind playing that again. It's a shooter but it's so much more different and offers a lot of variety in gameplay.

SprSynJn4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

"People are just tired of the overflow, and it boggled many minds when Call of Duty actually went BACK to that time period. It's just been done to death, and it's tired."

Not to sound redundant, but can't the same be said for "Modern Warfare" style games? To be honest, I prefer games based on history than games based on one's cynical view of the present.

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Tee7soo4324d ago

i really cant wait , i played all the battlefield games and loved them , i just hope this game wont disappoint .

Chuk54324d ago

Why did I get a disagree?

joshua19054324d ago

Because N4G is full of pathetic people who get a hard on over disagreeing

That's my opinion anyway.

a_squirrel4324d ago

Hey! It worked he got disagrees (somehow)

Now... how do you kill the disagrees before they come....

Mods, can you help us out here?

and some people who are fans of BF might not like it if you mention Modern Warfare 2 (i didn't like the first one... it got boring, no destruction)

vickers5004324d ago

Stop being so damn insecure. You got a disagree, so what? Are you gonna cry because people don't agree with your opinion? What is it with people and whining about people disagreeing with them on this site? It's not like someone stole something from you or called you a bad name.

This site is really insecure when it comes to disagrees. You see people saying something like "I personally think this is a good game, yada yada" then they see a disagree and come back with a comment like "you are disagreeing that I think this is a good game? wow you have problems". They're not disagreeing that you don't think its a good game, [email protected], they're applying the "I like this game" idea to them, and saying that they don't. It's the same way it happens in a real conversation.

Someone says "I like this game" in real life and the other person says "I don't". They are taking what they are hearing as a comment directed at them (and why shouldn't they, if you're posting to see your own comment and not discuss with anyone else, then you're a f*cking weirdo) and responding with the disagree option that they do not share the same opinion as you do.

That's why people disagree with you, now would you all please just shut up and stop whining about a little number count next to your comment?

evrfighter4324d ago

What's the record for disagrees here? I'd like to try and break it. I'll be waiting for Gt5 of GoW3 reviews from IGN to come out.

If I can grab the first post and bash both games or just ps3 gamers in general. I should be the record holder for quite awhile

Chuk54324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

So did I touch a nerve by mentioning mw2? I'm sorry if none of you like it mentioned but it's biggest shooter of the year (After kz2).I wasn't whining I was legitimately questioning why I got disagrees. I don't see the problem created by stating that bf1943 could be played up to and after mw2. This site is ass-backwards sometimes.

sGIBMBR4323d ago

^ biggest shooter of the year after KZ2?

I think you'll find it the otherway around... !

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HQLocated1114324d ago

So is this game like Bad company but in WWII?

Or is it not as open world as Bad Company? Anyways I'm buying this game the gameplay vid looks great.

Mo0eY4324d ago

This game is a remake of the very first BF game, BF: 1942. It's set during the WWII era and it was the king of them all back in the day. It's replayability was ASTONISHING.

If you like BF: BC, then you'll LOVE this game. No BF game will ever top BF: 1942/Secret Weapons/Road to Rome (expansions). I just hope that it's as fun as it is on the PC as it is on my PS3.

Gambit074324d ago

Is this game like Warhawk?

Breakfast4324d ago

...Warhawk is like this game.

sak5004324d ago

Hahah Breakfast, you can see with the comments here that average person who comes on n4g. The people have no idea what BF franchise is. Comparing a copycat game with one of the greatest multiplayer franchises in video game history. The preteens have no clue about games before 2004.

a_squirrel4324d ago

I dont know why people disagreed with a simple question...

No, Warhawk reminds me of starfox game for gamecube... I dont like running around fast

BF 1943

That is the BIG difference, OH and it's also a remake of 1942 (look it up) and it's WW2 (obviously)

evrfighter4324d ago

most people here when they hear they hear of the battlefield franchise, think bad company. But for you console teens who don't know what real FPS gaming is...

Battlefield is your chopper ridin grandaddy that brought land, sea, and air combat to the table. with 64 man servers I might add.

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