CyberConnect2 Boss Talks 'Quality Of Life' For Japanese Developers

Talking to Gamasutra, CyberConnect2 president Hiroshi Matsuyama (.hack) has been discussing why stressing quality of life and instituting core hours at the Japanese developer has helped its focus and success.

The comments came as part of a longer interview with Gamasutra tracing the evolution of the Fukuoka, Japan-based independent developer. The studio started working on games such as Silent Bomber in a former incarnation, before creating the .hack RPG series and a number of titles in the Naruto series.

As Matsuyama explains, it was the effects of poor quality of life on him which led him to be much stricter about core hours and working.

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Chris3994335d ago

Articles like this are exponentially more engaging than multi-plat comparisons or - barf - the NPD results (I play games, not "sales").

Personally, the only things that I care about are the less commercial aspects of the industry (love, the games, and the artists who create them. The rest is just fluff and internet rants.

More on topic, he (Hiroshi) is talking mostly about development from several years ago, so hopefully things have improved since then.

Great read though.