Hooked Gamers: Section 8 (PS3) Preview

It is fair to say that developers of First-Person Shooters have not really taken any chances. Most games place the player in settings and situations that he is already familiar with, making it –look- new rather than –be- new. Granted, more recent offerings such as inFAMOUS and Prototype have attempted to bring something new to the table. TimeGate is looking to add their latest game to this list as well.

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PirateThom4331d ago

I thought this was only for PC and 360...

4331d ago
PirateThom4331d ago

Err, I said PC and 360.

Plus, this seems to say PS3 and a quick Google search has PS3 listed.

4331d ago
andron4330d ago

Some sites says it's canceled for PS3, but I have read previews of it in some UK PS magazines. I think it's the same old timed exclusive tale again.

So I expect it for PS3 some months after the others versions...

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roflmuffins84330d ago

This game reminds me of Tribes for some reason.