PSXextreme: Has Playing Games Affected Your Social Life?

PSXextreme: "I believe the majority of us have moved past a time when we could be accused of using video game as an escape; or when games really did have an adverse effect on our lives. However, as is the case with any hobby, we can often lose ourselves for a certain span of time, sometimes at the sacrifice of other things...things that probably shouldn't have been sacrificed.

..So feel free to tell us your most embarrassing moments; times when gaming really robbed you of a great experience or simply made you miss out. Just to make you feel a little more secure..."

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Newmanator3929d ago

I hate it how my mother always uses video games as a scape goat for me not doing a certain task, "You haven't emptied the dishwasher but I bet you've been on that game."
But no I juggle a social life and gaming pretty easily.

Killjoy30003929d ago

I've always had many friends and am in fact very vocal, but admittedly in 2007 when I was playing CoD4 and Ovlivion (two of the most addicting games ever for me) I started telling my friends to go home and started postponing dates with my then GF. One time I went without a shower for three days and stayed locked up in my batcave to play oblivion....It was totally embarrassing. My mom whipped my ass into shape along with my friends lol.

Every time they'd come over I would just sit there and keep playing while my friends would ask "Hey Zak do you want to go outside?" You know what I said? Nothing lol well I don't play nearly as much any more.

DirtyLary3929d ago

and it's probably true.

SRU96003929d ago

This is why I always make sure that I don't have a social life in the first place, that way my gaming can never affect it.

player9113928d ago

When FF7 first launched, I stayed in my room for like 6 months. I went to school of course and hung out with my friends every few days, but I told my THEN gf that I was grounded. Surprisingly she stuck with me for a little while afterwards but nothing to brag about.

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spunnups3929d ago

It only becomes a problem when MMORPG's are involved.

OtherWhiteMeat3929d ago

I agree. Check out the video W.O.W. freak out and ask that kid.Make sure you also see part 2.

Salvadore3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

I agree and this is talking from personal experience. Once during my final studies at high school, I told my parents that I felt ill and wanted to be absent from school... just so that I could become a Bard in Ragnarok. Luckily that only occured once and from that point onwards, I have strongly disliked MMORPG's.

ELite_Ghost3929d ago

damn those chicks are hot!

bjornbear3929d ago

I go through weeks without getting more than 1 or two hours in sometimes =( end of academic year..yano how it is xD parties...everywhere...=P

green3929d ago

Gaming didn't but body building has wrecked my social life.Quit drinking 3 years ago and won't risk going out at night if i know i won't have enough sleep which in turn will hinder my next day workout.

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The story is too old to be commented.