Games Removed From Xbox Live Marketplace

Due to the collapse of Empire Interactive, Speedball 2 and Double Dragon have been removed from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Dont worry if you have previously purchased the games but deleted them from your hard drive as they can be redownloaded using your download history, but are not otherwise available.

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Bnet3434300d ago

What a bunch of jerks. They could of made them free, why remove them?

Cheeseknight284300d ago

Until someone owns the rights to what they developed, the games can't be made free or placed back up for the same price.

Eiffel4300d ago

If I had purchased these I would indeed worry if this would affect me as consumer. I'm sure this is only temporary until someone buys the rights.

Kushan4300d ago

Microsoft does not own the rights to the titles. In fact, right now nobody does, which is why they cannot be sold. This is why they've been taken off XBLA. Eventually, once the licensing rights have been sorted, they'll go back up.

Nateh8sYou4300d ago I've taken a step back towards owning physical copies of games. I really LIKE digital distribution, but now new people cannot buy the game, is that correct?

I thought one of the benefits of DD was that it would always be available.

Kushan4300d ago

It's not available because the company that owns them has shut down. If these titles were sold in stores, they'd be taken off of shelves for the exact same reasons. This is a rare, rare occurrence and wont happen often.

Hobadoon4300d ago

I woulda scooped up Double Dragon had I known.

outlawlife4300d ago

you wouldnt want to the xbox arcade port was really was that speedball game

trust me losing these 2 titles is no big deal

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