NextGN Preview: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Multiplayer

NextGN writes: "Other than these few nags and snags, Uncharted's Multiplayer is quite promising with none of that feeling like it's tacked on for the hell of it like some games do this generation."

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ape0074332d ago

played the beta a lot

all I can say is,the game has exceeded my expectations,the mp is great,co-op is amazing,graphics are unbelievable and most importatntly,the shooting feels intense and fluid

can't wait for this and convection

Xbox Avatars Shoe4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

I am sooo glad ND decided to listen to the fans and add co-op and mp! There's so many opportunities for tactical and stealth gameplay. The party system is one of the best around too! OMFG I can't wait for this! I'm gonna go play Uncharted 1 to help ease the pain of the 4 month wait for U2. Uncharted 1 is still one of the best looking games this gen and I can't even fathom how amazing the final U2 build will look O_O

Uncharted 2 is gonna be AMAZING! So much for the whole the fans of the 'other' console saying "Eww it's just a Tomb Raider rip off" :/

PirateThom4332d ago

I only got to play the multiplayer once, ran out of time, but it was so good. The gameplay translates so well to multiplayer and the environments were interesting.

table4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

Uncharted has been my favourite game so far this gen, even more so than MGS4 and I'm MGS mad! Everything about it is just class. Hopefully Uncharted2 has more cool unlockables like the old school games that add to the replay value. Multiplayer is gonna be sick.

TPS >>> FPS.