SFX-360: Rock Band Unplugged Review

SFX-360 writes: "Finally it seems there is a music game available to gamers who don't wish to clutter their house with plastic instruments, as well as gamers who want to rock out wherever they go, no cables attached. As a fan of music games, when I heard Rock Band would be arriving to the PSP, I was curious. How is it possible to play vocals, drums, guitar, and bass on a hand held with no contraptions like the Guitar Grip for Guitar Hero on the Nintendo DS? Not only that, but how will players be able to play all instruments in the band simultaneously without Rock Band Unplugged having a multiplayer feature? I went right to the source for some answers.

As far as gameplay Rock Band Unplugged shares many similarities to its console parents Rock Band 1 & 2. World Tour mode is much of the same song and dance; same cities, same venues, same management, and same rewards. But there is a saving grace. Unlike Rock Band 1 & 2, one player controls all the instruments at the same time during each song. Now how could something that sounds like a disaster be a saving grace? Playing just one song on World Tour mode answered all my questions and concerns. Players use the Left, Up, Triangle, and Circle buttons to hit the red, green, yellow and blue notes on the instrument they are playing at the moment. I say at the moment because players must also toggle using the shoulder buttons from instrument to instrument to instrument throughout the song. In order to make this possible without failing the song instantly, Rock Band Unplugged has implemented a white box around the scrolling track called a "phrase indicator"..."

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