SFX-360: Fallout 3: Point Lookout Review

SFX-360 writes: "The adventures of "The Hero of Vault 101" continues. Let's take a look at your accomplishments shall we. You've saved the Capital Wasteland by activating the water purifier, liberatred Anchorage, Alaska from the Chinese via simulation, freed the slaves in The Pitt, and wiped out the remnants of The Enclave once and for all. After all of that you went home and relax with a bottle of Nuka-Cola, and though that it was all over. Wrong! Just like when they say "War never ends," well neither does this quest. It's time to head to a new location called Point Lookout.

Bethesda's latest DLC for the 2008 Game of the Year begins with you locating a mysterious riverboat located at the mouth of the Potomac River. Here you'll meet Tobar who tells you all about Point Lookout. He calls it a land filed with ancient pleasure towns and untouched trasures. Tobar offers passage to the distant peninsula of Point Lookout to any mercenary, treasure hunter, or adventurer looking to explore the new land. Of course this is no free ride. A ticket to Point Lookout costs 300 caps. During this time you'll also run into a woman named Catherine who is looking for her daughter Nadine who went to Point Lookout and never returned. She asks you to find her, but in true Fallout fashion you can make the choice of assisting her or telling her to kiss off..."

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