SFX-360: Call of Juarez Bound in Blood Review

SFX-360 writes: "Taking place a few years before the first game, Call of Jauarez Bound in Blood follows the story of the McCall brothers, two brothers who fought together in the civil and deserted to protect their home. After not being able to do so they vow to one day return home and reclaim their land. With a more than upset general hot on their trail they have no choice but to go on the run. Going from one town to another they eventually make their way to Mexico both to get away from the law and search for a supposed hidden treasure near the mountains of Juarez.

While playing the game you are given the choice to play as either Thomas or Ray. Both have the same weapons but each has unique abilities. Thomas is more of a close quarters guy and has the ability to dual wield guns, kick down doors and use dynamite where as Ray is more of a distance guy and has the ability to use a lasso and knives while picking people off with his rifle. There is no real advantage to picking one over the other it's a matter of preference really..."

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