Why are we hyping Kid Icarus so badly?

"Miyamoto told Nintendo Power this month to "wait" for Kid Icarus, giving a good sign that the game is indeed coming. However, the question remains why do we want Kid Icarus in the first place?"

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Product4326d ago

I really hope Nintendo can deliver here. There not being a sequel in over 20 years makes me nervous as to how they will go about the game.
I know Nintendo knows this but I hope that make the right choices in game.

SpoonyRedMage4326d ago

Perhaps they'll do a portable version? or if not concentrate of Wii Motionplus and archery?

I dunno, I'm cautious to the prospect but would like a new one.

vox4326d ago

because people want more character oriented Nintendo games?
the article keeps using the "it's" contraction where it does not apply

sarshelyam4326d ago

Really? It's a guaranteed sign that something is coming. I mean if I tell someone to wait that's an instant sign that their wishes are going to be fulfilled? Not likely, I think he's just tired of having the questions aimed at him with nothing to return. I'd be surprised if they're working on something.

Honestly, I love Kid Icarus as much as the next gamer but it's hardly a franchise with only TWO (2) unique releases in the last 23 years. I'd call that almost a niche when it comes to Nintendo's stellar lineup of titles...and Miyamoto (READ: Nintendo) COULD think that's a risk not worth taking. Better to butter the toast of a guaranteed sale (or re-release).

Couple this with the fact that there's really no way it will live up the expectations of most of the fanbase. I, for one, feel they should use Pit's design in SSBB...anything else (like those crap images they leaked) would be an extreme letdown. I don't want them to "mature" the character for mainstream...I just want another whimsical adventure on par with Wind Waker...


...wait a second, I think THAT is a style that would lend itself well to Kid Icarus. Not necessarily a toon-shaded game (though I wouldn't mind it as I LOVED WW), but that look...something about it screamed Fantasy Epic in a storybook style. I think it was the most successful style for Zelda in a long time and I would welcome the transition to Kid Icarus.

Sadly, I really don't see it happening. I've dropped Kid Icarus from my list of games I'm anticipating to the list of games I hope we'll see one day, and honestly, my hopes are rather diminished.

Gr814326d ago

But I felt the same way when Metroid Prime was annuonced to be in the First Person perspective, and Retro blew me away..TWICE with Prime 1 and again with Prime 3.

I'm actually partial to Twilight Princess' art style moreso than WW. But I also think KI should be a blend of sorts between the two. Pits model for brawl is definitely one they should use as the base and just improve upon it.

I favor Brawls character models for many including Link.

We'll see what happens.

Gr814326d ago

Been singing this tune for nearly 2 yrs now. I'd love a KI game, as it is very similar to Metroid which is a stellar series to say the least. Which is why I think it is hyped as it is.

Honestly though, its whatever to me. There's so many games out now and coming soon for the Wii that I'll be busy and broke for a while.

How's Conduit treatin you Product? haven't seen you on lately, hopefully we'll blast some chumps again soon.;)

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