Crash Bandicot: Landings of the Titans Wii Scans

See the first images of Crash "landing of the Titans" on the Nintendo Wii revealed in a Spanish magazine. The gameplay has been changed to more of an Adventure type game and will appear on the DS as well as GBA this October.

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ItsDubC4205d ago

Hmmm... I always associated Crash Bandicoot w/ Sony

decapitator4205d ago

BUt is no big deal if you have seen what insomniac is cooking for the pstripple.

_insane_cobra4205d ago

There are some indicators it's coming to the Xbox 360 as well:

Longhornbevo4205d ago

Naughty Dog no longer owns the rights to Crash Bandicoot. I am not sure who does but its still kinda weak...

Vojkan4205d ago

Crash and Spyro the dragon were once PS trade mark game. Unfortunately Naughty Dog(Crash Bandicoot) and Insomniac(Spyro) lost licence for those games. Dont remember the exact reason but you can find it on Wikipedia.

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The story is too old to be commented.