1 vs. 100 Prizes Go Live Next Friday

Earlier tonight on the 1 vs. 100, host Chris Cashman announced that prizes are finally going to be doled out a week from tonight (July 10th). That means if you are chosen to participate in the mob, selected to be "the one", or get one of the top scores in the crowd, you'll win Microsoft Points and Xbox Live Arcade games for real.

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wicked4333d ago

Any one know when the UK release is? I haven't seen anything yet :(

green4332d ago

Was about to ask the same question.

outlawlife4332d ago

ive played tons and have yet to even make it in the mob...the odds of winning anything are astronomical

tehReaper4332d ago

The questions aren't too difficult but I've noticed some nights there are more geological questions than anything else.

Back on topic. I like the idea of being able to win stuff, but does anyone know if we will eventually have to pay to play it?

criticalkare4332d ago

I want to win those nice prizes, but it's so hard to become a mob or the one... always being a crowd sucks..

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