Miyamoto comments on Kid Icarus

Everyone knows about the rumors - There has been plenty of speculation about Kid Icarus making a return to the Wii for a very, very long time.

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knox4327d ago

im sorry but i dont see this happening, its been teased for years and nothing has happened

mastiffchild4326d ago

Well, from what I got told it MAY be a very different game to the original in any case. Someone told me(and they're sometimes pretty accurate)that after the last iteration was canned Ninty asked Retro to see what they could do with it!

I was tempted to think it was just BS but when I think about it the possibilities of Ninendos FPS champions making the game ae very exciting. A first person Kid Icarus would be a very different kind of animal or even just one with FP sections, idk.

Anyway, if there was any truth to it the result could be incredible, imo. Heard the runour just before last Xmas. Anyone else hear similar as I'd love to know if I was being straight up lied to or if there might be some truth there.

qface644327d ago

i really don't see what the big deal is?
i mean i see allot of people saying i can't wait or i want it to happen so badly but why?

there's no guarantee it will be good so i see no reason why some people get excited

knox4327d ago

nostolgia for 1 thing
and its a classic nintendo franchise that people would lioke to see reborn, brawl got it more exposure to
but youre right we dont know how good it would be or who would work on it but if nintendo were involved im sure it would at least be ok

ChickeyCantor4326d ago

Problem is that many only called up Kid icarus because of S.S.Brawl.
Seriously the game wasn't that "great", in fact it left me in frustration back then.
Well perhaps other people had a different experience but im not jumping for it. A new game would be awesome, since it would be totally different anyway(im sure of it). but im not really waiting for it either.

The hype is uncalled for.

maniacmayhem4324d ago


Bring back Rad Racer!

infamous_274327d ago

"Wait please."
Those two beautiful words.
Is it a hint to a new Kid Icarus game?

adnanrules4327d ago

Fisrt because its a classic Nintendo franchise and another i think Pit was cool in Brawl.

ico924327d ago

i really hope so kid icarus is one of my favourite games hard as hell but still one of my favourites