PS3 Bundle Includes MGS4, Killzone 2

Kotaku: Normally, hardware bundles are a spotty affair. A game you don't really want, or two games, one you kinda want, one you just do not want. But this bundle, on sale at Best Buy next Sunday, looks great!

Sent in by a Best Buy employee, and confirmed by other BB employees, it's an 80GB PS3 bundled with copies of two of the biggest games on the system: Metal Gear Solid 4 and Killzone 2. All that for the asking price of a standard PS3, $400.

pxpxp5499d ago

this makes me want to buy another ps3!!!

shingo5499d ago (Edited 5499d ago )

They're basically giving you those 2 games (the biggest games on the system) for free!

Best bundle ever!

lociefer5499d ago

omg i predict this bundle will go out of stock in like 2 hours, i know ill buy it and i already have a ps3, need one in the living room

Knightrid8085499d ago (Edited 5499d ago )

That's one freaking hell of a bundle. I have those 2 games already but those who buy this will no doubt be very happy.

FamilyGuy5499d ago (Edited 5499d ago )

TWO big name exclusive in the "cheap" bundle?

Merry Christmas in July b!tches!

That bundle would be a hard thing to argue against. "But honey, it's got TWO of the main games i wanted one for!" "Fine, but you can't buy any extra games for..."

Trebius5499d ago (Edited 5499d ago )

This is just a genius move...why not bundle the PS3 with the 2 most visually appealing and front running games. Now everyone that gets a ps3 is SURE to see the work of GG and Konami.

Im surprised it was not MGS4 and Uncharted...since they're both great visually and great games of the earlier releases...but then I realized Uncharted doesnt have an online community, so Killzone is the best candidate.

Jaces5499d ago

It's like they were selling the PS3 for $299.99...cept technically you'd be paying for the two games.

Not much difference anyway seeing how you'd buy those even after you bought yourself a PS3, sometimes I wonder if people even see how great a deal like this is.

Most go nope and say it MUST have a $299.99 tag on it or I'm not getting a good deal.

ABizzel15499d ago

WOW. This is by far the best bundle for hardcore gamers who want a PS3. Two amazing games, easily top 5 PS3 games, and easily top 10 games this gen.

Killjoy30005499d ago (Edited 5499d ago )

It will be called the Playstation Network Bundle and will include the following -

- Warhawk
- Killzone 2
- LittleBigPlanet
- Official Sony Bluetooth headset
- Free 1 year subscription to Qore
- 2 vouchers for 2 PS Store games of the consumer's choice.
- Free 50 bucks for use with Playstation Home content.
- 120 GB HDD.
- 2 movie vouchers and 1 free rent off the video store.

All priced at $499. Best bundle ever, and an excellent converter for those that are avid online players that game on Xbox Live.

Lol but that would be like impossible. But I'm just saying this is what I would buy, as I play online a lot, and many others do to.

Poopface the 2nd5499d ago

Thats the best one ive seen so far.

BattleAxe5498d ago

That is the best bundle I've ever heard of!

Kain815498d ago

... Sony will clear the shelves for sure...a PS3slim annoncement will come soon

commodore645498d ago

I have to admit, this is a great bundle.

Now all they need to do, is lower the price for this bundle by $100 and the sales will surely pick up.

whoelse5498d ago

It's like they're trying to sell of all their stock for something slim?

LaChance5498d ago

This bundle actually makes me want a PS3 though i'd probably trade in Killzone 2 and get Valkyrie Chronicles at the place.

y0haN5498d ago

"That’s a great bundle especially for gamers looking to buy a PS3."

Erm, no sh!t? It's not like you can NOT buy the PS3 with it??

N4realGMRZ5498d ago

Who ever dosnt have a PS3 there is now NO excuse not to have one ...this is one of the best bundles i have ever seen and totally worth every Penny!! Go now and buy this! Long Live Gaming!

ape0075498d ago (Edited 5498d ago )

what's inside the next ps3 bundle????


ID IR A G 0 N5498d ago

its sad that this seems to be the only way ps3 can sell its exclusives.

Oner5498d ago

So let me get this straight...it's sad for Sony to do it but not sad for MS to do it with Gears, Halo, Forza etc etc etc? Way to go Brainiac...

ape0075498d ago

it's sad,even this amazing bundle couldn't stop your fanboyism

sad XD