Sony Buries PS3 While CB Games' Prediction Comes True

Some of you may have already read about the 20 gigabyte PlayStation 3 being nailed in a coffin and buried beneath the earth, never to rise again. And this came shortly after CB Games predicted that the PS3 was dying.

But all hope isn't lost, there's still one thing Sony can do to redeem themselves before they bury another model of the PS3. CB Games says that they have always stuck to the simple philosophy that software sells the hardware.

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TheMART4205d ago

Alternate source: Maxconsole

It has a nice picture with it ;-)

schnodder4205d ago

no one needs a 20gb ps3 ... that's why microsoft is now following sony with including a bigger hd.

kewlkat0074205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

Sony Community? I'm sure you got your PS3 already. The 20gig PS3 was just too watered-down. So nobody was buying it. Sony's koolaid has been watered-down too , I'm surprised people are still drinking.

What was promised up till the release of the PS3 was not what Gamers got from the 20gig, so why they even came out with it? Beats Me, well nobody knows.

Come on SONY, the NINTENDO WII a $250 console, while missing other features has WIFI, so why couldn't the $500 20 giger. If the strategy was for the suped up model to include WIFI, then why not on the $100 less one.(stupid strategy)

Black Republican4205d ago

XBOX1 - came built in with a hardrive

so did Sony follow microsoft because xbox1 and x360 had hardrives built in first????

gooner4205d ago

ill have to agree with you ps3 dosent need a 20gig ps3 it needed a downgraded really cheap version wired controller 5gig harddrive,no hdmi or optical out,lan add on required ,2 usb now that would sell like hot cakes

as much as i prefer xbox over ps2
xbox and 360 copied dvd off playstation 2
ps2 had a harddrive as well for linux

dantesparda4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

@ kewlkat
Why didnt MS include Wifi in its 360? it doesnt even have it for the Elite version!

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SmokeyMcBear4205d ago

yup too watered down.. 40 gigs less of hard drive, no wifi and no memory card readers. I think the thinking was, especially because of the price, if I can afford 500 bucks, well then i just might as well get the souped up version and afford 600, percentage wise, the jump from 500 to 600 is not a big deal..percentage wise.

TheExecutive4205d ago

I think most of us can agree the only reason why the PS3 came out last winter and not this winter is because they had to. They would have loved to come out this winter but they needed their foot in the door.

He's also right about why someone would buy a console for 200 bucks more if many of the games right now are coming out on both consoles and looking equally good on both. (it is a bit near sighted though)

This fall and winter should be great for sony. I bet anyone here that the price of the ps3 isnt going to be that big of a deal this winter. People will pay the money if Sony delivers enough exclusives...

VirtualGamer4205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

First article this guy writes claims the PS3 is failing due to price and lack of software.

"It’s no surprise that the PlayStation 3 hasn’t been a big hit. And obviously the huge price tag and lacking software lineup has been the prime cause of what looks like an early demise of Sony’s next-gen console."

In the follow up article he declares his prediction right because the 20 GB model was dropped in NA by Sony. Yet amazingly shows he was very wrong in what he originally stated was the cause of why the PS3 was failing in the first place, the price.

"Amazingly, people preferred the $600 unit over the $500 one. In this particular case I’m horribly convinced that price is no longer the PlayStation 3's down-dragging."

So the only thing left from his original claim as to why the PS3 is failing is lack of software. Every console goes through this stage and we all know the PS3 is about to get alot of good looking exclusive games soon like Lair, NGS, HS, Rachet and Clank, which all look to showcase what the system is capable of.

Anyone with any brains should realize its far to early to declare any system dead at this point but nice of this guy to already be patting himself on the back for doing so. This tells you how serious anyone should take what this guy has to say.

anh_duong4205d ago

i agree. the guy gives himself credit when he his initial observation is actually incorrect.

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