Is Gaming Good for the Mind?

Remember training your brain through games? Since bursting onto the scene a few years ago in Nintendo's hit Brain Training games, the concept of gaming our way to bigger, better cortexes has flamed out a bit, due largely to a flood of poorly-made, copycat titles and the dwindling of the belief that this sort of thing actually makes you smarter.

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gumgum994335d ago

all the more reason why I love video games

table4334d ago

games like dino crisis improve your problem solving ability.

sunil4334d ago

games give me an outlet for my anger and frustration. its great for stress relief

Milky4334d ago

yes they take everything off my mind.

Snake Raiser4334d ago

Problem: Some A-hole is messing with you.
Solution: GTA4
Problem Girlfriend dumps you.
Solution: GTA4 ;)

Dogswithguns4334d ago

Games are pure fun, that makes you happy and a better person.

bjornbear4334d ago

LBP is damn good for creativity.

Portal and many others = puzzle solving which is good for the brain

Hand eye co-ordination, reaction times increased, not to mention overall FUN =D which is always good =)

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