IGN: From Ico to The Last Guardian

Something unexpected happened in 2001: thousands of pubescent male gamers found themselves caring deeply for a female character in a videogame. These adolescents – along with many mature adults – developed a deep sense of affection towards a ghostly girl who wore pale, raggy clothing, had some strange mystical powers, possessed little in the way of a bust-line and was never once played for titillation. Her name was Yorda, and the act of holding her hand for some 6-8 hours of adventuring through a lonely, sun-soaked castle was enough to make her one of the most affecting characters that gaming has ever known.

The host game was Ico. For many it was the first justification for the then over-hyped PlayStation 2, not just from the perspective of visual grunt, but also from that of delivering a wholly new experience for a console that was, at that point, little more than a glorified DVD player. It was, in short, a very reasonable justification for the PS2's existence – visually striking, consciously unique, and unachievable on older consoles.

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ColossiSlayer3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Ico I beat about 3 times. Truly amazing puzzle & level design.
SOTC completely changed my life as a Gamer. For me the 1st Colossi did it for me, I knew I've NEVER played a game like that before.
By time I knew I had beaten the game 6 times and unlocked all the Normal & Hard items. There was no game on PS2 with the level of animation or sense of scale like SOTC.
I named my system Wanderer my PSN is ColossiSlayer and my PSP is named Agro.
If you have never played either Ico or SOTC pray your local store has copies.
All gamers should appreciate what Team Ico brings to gaming .... Interactive ART...
As for The Last Guardian, its sure to take SOTCs place on the G.G.O.A.T. list as long as my Griffon doesn't die, I won't have write angry letters.....*shakes fist*

swiftshot933921d ago

IMO, SotC is the best game ever. ICO is also one of the best games out there and at its time was absolutely amazing. The Last Guardian will be the best PS3 game, and game of this generation.

jerethdagryphon3921d ago

got the pair for 20£ i was well pleased

lordgodalming3921d ago

@1.0: Seriously, I saw the birds circling the head of the first colossus and I knew I was in for something special. Love that game. I hate to break it to you, but I don't think there's any way that Torico (the eagle thing) will survive the game. The arrows sticking out of it and the fact that it will be very dangerous when it's grown up makes me think it will bite the dust just as you're about to help it escape at the end of the game. I hope not, but I have a baaaad feeling about it.

(SotC SPOILER!) Also, remember when Agro fell of that cliff? One of the most horrible moments in any game ever.

mazirjones3921d ago

Yeah, he fell, but he lived, didn't he?

TruthBTold3921d ago

I've been looking online but the prices they ask are insane. I really want to buy it but can't find a place that sells it for a reasonable price. If you know, also send me a message in case I forget to check back on thsi article.

Carl14123921d ago

Completely agree on the subject of SoTC. Still haven't managed to track down a copy of ICO yet :( I WANT

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TheHater3921d ago

Do HD remakes for both ICO and Shadow of the Colossus for The Last Guardian Collector edition.

Bunnyslippers3921d ago

I agree 200 %.

Ico should be renderended in 720p/1080p with he same graphics. There are already screenshot of Ico in much higher resolution than 640x480. I think Ico was even rendered at a much lower resolution than 640x480.

With Shadow of the Colossus the games has to be 1080p wide-screen. And more draw-distance with less pop-ups from mountains. Again, screenshot on the internet are more higher-res than 480p.

lordgodalming3921d ago

I don't know, those games already look amazing. I'm glad Ueda-san is working on new stuff. Very excited for The Last Guardian.

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Cunnin-English3921d ago

If Sony releases an upscaled version of SotC and ICO onto the Playstation Store i will be all over it..

I am itching to get my hands on The Last Guardian, i just hope we get to see more footage at TGS.

Kain813921d ago

THEY have Combined GAME and ART to a new Form...its not longer a Statue or a canvas, its a Videogame....

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