Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: Mercenaries 2 World In Flames

Mercenaries 2 wasn't the most hyped game, it wasn't the most loved game and it doesn't hold up very well compared to any big title. It's the sequel to the hit Mercenaries Playground of Destruction, which was more fun than a fun-man wearing a fun-hat on FUNday. Now, Mercenaries 2 made almost no impact in any genre or anything else really. If anything, it just used up disc space. But if the gamer happens to look past all the bugs, the lack of any of any care-able story or no depth, you could almost say that Mercenaries 2 is a fun little romp. More than a fun little romp, an absolute blast, as long as the gamer only plays it for around a couple of hours.

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Snake Raiser4325d ago

Games that nobody ever played...too bad. I remember this time a year ago looking forward to Mercs2 and being like. That should be awesome. When I saw those fire graphics I did begin to worry a little bit though...

DFogz4325d ago

This game was fairly enjoyable towards the end once you had so much money you didn't care what you did with it. I would buy tons of the Nuclear Bunker Busters and just run around leveling everything...definitely a fun game, not very good, but fun.
Now that they patched it with trophies though I might get around to playing through once more

-MD-4325d ago

Horrible game.. rented it and returned it a day later.

WildArmed4325d ago

I actually just played this game 2 months ago.
Great game imo. Fun but extremely bugged lol

unicronic4325d ago

.....once they patched for trophies if you had earned $1m or $1bn you could not earn the trophies associated with this amount. Also Pandemic worked hard to cover this up by either deleted forum posts on their own forums or plain denying it happened. Very bad at community management.

aftrdark214325d ago

Can't get the 1m trophy. Even if you start a new game and try a new character. Sucks.

aftrdark214325d ago

for 15 bucks. It's not that bad. Wasn't worth 60 bucks but at 15 it was a deal. Game certainly has bugs.