The gaming-violence connection: why society finds it comforting

Ars has extensively covered the attempts to legislate restrictions on violent video games and the ambiguous science that supports those efforts. An aspect of this that frequently escapes analysis is why these legislative efforts gain so much traction despite their lack of a solid scientific foundation. Writing in the journal Contexts, USC sociology lecturer Karen Sternheimer analyzes these efforts in terms of ongoing societal fears regarding the influence of media on children.

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Grown Folks Talk4205d ago

personally, i'd rather have someone pulling a GTA on their PS2 rather than my neighborhood. and for anyone who will go out in real life and try what they see or do in a video game already has issues to begin with. society, america especially, needs to quit trying to blame everything else but the real problem. the real problem is [email protected] people who do [email protected] things, and then try to come up with an excuse. THIS MESSAGE WAS PAID FOR BY GROWN FOLKS TALK. HIS VIEWS ARE NOT SHARED BY N4G.COM NOR IT'S CONTRIBUTORS OR AFFILIATES.

Hayabusa 1174205d ago

I would really like to know if it's true that youth crimes have fallen in the last decade. That's says it all really. Remembe in the early 90s when everything was blaimed on violent movies?