Valve Hacked, Credit Cards in Jeopardy

A few days ago a member from the No-Steam crew by-passed Valve's security and exposed some financial information. What does he want in return? A notice on the steampowered website saying their systems have been comprimised. Whats at risk? Lots and lots of credit card information.


Interview has been found with MaddoxX, the proclaimed hacker of Valve. Read it here:

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Loopy4205d ago

First, you cannot say a member of the No-Steam crew that he bypassed Valve's security, as no where does he says he does.
Second, he's only exposing Valve's security failure, which is a good thing, because customers can get ripped by having their CC taken.

frenchy644205d ago

First and foremost, MaddoxX said this

"Woohoo VALVe you can see those creditcards float on the internet anytime soon. Just need to finish the excel files hehehe. big list that is"

Customers getting their CC's stolen is a good thing? I for one am sh*tting myself as to what he will do with those CC numbers, as one of mine is undoubtedly on his list.

I am extremely angry, about Valve almost as much as this hacker! They hide everything!

Loopy4205d ago

I guess you have trouble understanding what I wrote, so let me be more clear. It is a good thing that this guy is exposing to the public Valve's security failure, as Valve seems to deny what is really happening. Because if you weren't informed, you wouldn't be pissed, or maybe you would be pissed later when the hacker would mischief you with your CC information.

Bullseye4205d ago

I have said this before and i'll repeat myself at the risk of being annoying.If you try to enforce people to use a product they do NOT want,then be prepared for the consequences.I purposely avoided valves s/w due to the steam 'system'.If valve actually valued their customers ,they could invest in decent security measures,which i assume,due to this article,they haven't done.Top quality security devices are expensive to buy and implement,but it will stop all but the very smartest from gaining entry to your systems.Although i don't believe the tactics used here are warranted, i do support exposing double standards and ineptitude,but not for gain.

Robert223884205d ago

Payback for all the PS3 bashing done by certain execs...

Karma's a b!tch ain't it?

CardboardGun4205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

omg... will i have to block my credit card? this kinda makes me scared, now!! and my step-father's card as well??? he will NOT be happy, that's for sure..

Someone, answer me on this one, please. Will I have to block the credit cards my family has used to purchase Valve products over Steam?

spartanhelmet4205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

He hasn't exactly shown much in his 'release', so I'm willing to bet he doesn't have much at all. If he does, he won't have the guts to use it anyway.

CardboardGun4205d ago

Thanks, Spartanhelmet.. Calmed me down a bit! Gah, I hate people doing stuff like that, but I get kinda upset with Valve not being more carefull with sensitive information like that.

spartanhelmet4205d ago

If MaddoxX ever made sense or had a REAL purpose for disrupting Valve by screwing with Steam... this would be a worrying sign.

Looks like either living in some desolate area of Russia has undermined his ability to be coherent (the spelling on his post anyone?) and to realise how much of a loser he is...

... or he's just being an attention-whore which is apparent in an interview he did a short time ago

**QUOTE** http://www.freenationfounda...

<^QuickSilver> Are you actually going to release credit card details?
<MaddoxX> Prolly.. they ignore me.
<MaddoxX> And I don’t like it when I get ignored

Anyone who give 'credit' to this retard should be shot. There are enough stupid things to deal with without MaddoxX showing his ugly face with another "zoMFG WTF I HAXXED VALVE zoMFG!" post.

Get real MaddoxX... you suck, your idea of fun sucks and your attempt to shake-up valve sucks.

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