RPGfan : Shadow of Destiny Coming to PSP

Chris Winkler writes "Konami is working on a PlayStation Portable release of Shadow of Memories (Shadow of Destiny in the US). The mystery adventure was originally released in early 2001 as one of Konami's first offerings for Sony's (back then) new PlayStation 2 hardware. No details regarding potential enhancements or new features of the portable version have been announced so far."

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labaronx4326d ago

it looks like the psp is fully covered in every genre now and with the psone classics it's hard to not want one.

Cajun Chicken4326d ago

OMG! I freaking love this game on PS2!!!


heroicjanitor4326d ago

The bad news is I only just bought it second hand last month... But my 60GB ps3 isn't running it that well, it's all twitchy, especially cut-scenes, so I'll still get it.

Dream Machine4326d ago

One of my favorite games on the PS2. Hell, one of my favorite games ever.

This is great news!

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The story is too old to be commented.