Qore Offers Enticing Renewal Incentives

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"On the fence about renewing your subscription to Qore? Qore is offering a couple bonuses to help sweeten the deal."

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Sev4336d ago (Edited 4336d ago )

I just got Uncharted 2 for $51.99 and free shipping using the promo code they sent me.

Uncharted 2 is normally $56.99 on, not a bad deal even without the promo code.

I pre-ordered my PSP go at the same time...

I got a white one. At E3 it was much nicer, and didn't get fingerprints on it.

BigPete79784336d ago

This is the kind of stuff that would make more subscriptions occur. I definitely think that $19.99 should be the regular price point anyways. It just sounds better. :P

FamilyGuy4335d ago (Edited 4335d ago )

Reduced price compared to retail, free shipping (at the cost of time), and no sales tax (at least for me in california). All good things and this just furthers interest if you were on the fence.

I just bought Balzeblu from them for $59.99 period, in store it would be $64.99 + tax so i save like $10 and no charge for shipping.
The game is 65 because there is only a limited/special edition version, not sure why though.

BulletToothtony4335d ago

a little trick i do is.. i order from amazon, since i'm gonna be saving around $10, and yes it does suck to wait those extra 4 to 5 days for the shipping..

So what i do is.. i buy from gamestop or walmart on day one and when the amazon copy comes in, i just return that UNOPENED copy to the store and i get my money back ;)

If you have the extra money is definitely worth doing, i hate seeing 10 people on my friends list playing a new game that i don't have yet..

IdleLeeSiuLung4335d ago

Holy She!t, I didn't know it was that expensive for Qore!

It is $20/annually a savings of over 45% off the individual episodes. So each episode is around $3.5 each?

I have never seen one, so I can't comment on the quality or if it is worth it. Anyone care to fill in what this show is about and why it is worth $20?

TheBand1t4335d ago

Basically they give you info on upcoming games and movies, get interviews with the devs, and I know annual subscribers get bonuses like discounts, ability to get into closed betas/demoes and sometimes a PSN game.

Oh, and I believe every episode comes with a game called Blast Qore IIRC. Or has that changed?

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DJ4336d ago

I'm starting to like this Qore thing more and more now.

callahan094336d ago

I hope there are still renewal incentives in September. I didn't sign up for my subscription until Qore Episode 3. I want to renew, and I want the renewal bonuses, but I won't be prompted for renewal until episode 17 (would be episode 15, but there have been 2 free episodes since I subscribed, and they don't count towards the 12 I paid for)

Sev4336d ago (Edited 4336d ago )

Actually I believe you pay for 13 episodes. And the 2 free are included in your 13. Mine was exactly 13 episodes. It's an annual subscription, so free issues don't effect the annual effective date.

Also I suspect they will still be running this promotion until Sept, since it lasts until Uncharted 2's release date.

callahan094336d ago (Edited 4336d ago )

Hmm. Thanks for the response, but I think (not positive) that I recall reading a response by an official to a commenter on the blog - - last Christmas when they released the first free episode that it wouldn't count as one of the episodes you paid for in a subscription. My memory could be wrong, though.

Edit: I suppose the best way to find out for sure would be to check out my download list on the PS Store. It should have all the forthcoming episodes that I'm entitled to via my subscription listed as "upcoming."

Sev4336d ago

Good thinking, let me know what it says. I'd like to know for sure.

GiantEnemyCrab4335d ago (Edited 4335d ago )

I bought my sub for the first year on the day it was offered and I just got my renewal. So I can say that even though there were free issues they still counted against the sub. However, they did offer special deals/giveaways for the annual subscribers so I didn't feel cheated.

Coming from MS land Sony's pricing, incentives and freebies are a VERY welcome change. MS give little too nothing away and most of the time you feel on the "cheated" side vs being treated fairly.

Sorry to go off on MS but it's something I thought about when I instantly renewed my annual Qore sub because I felt they've been very fair with making it worth the cost.

I'm still waiting to see what other pre-order incentives are offered before I decide on using the code for Amazon.

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DrWan4336d ago

I wonder how many total subscribers they have now, because they hired Veronica Belmont and sometimes she travels to pretty far places; like that one episode she travel to Europe to see Flock. I didn't like the Flock game that much, kind of boring to me. the puzzel element is just not that enticing. But I digress, anyways yah..i wonder....if anyone have any ballpark numbers

dopeboimagic924336d ago

Since they stopped giving out the codes in the magazine, I might just have to jump on this one.

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