Xilt - Upcoming Xbox 360 Tilt Mod

Xilt - Upcoming Xbox 360 Tilt Mod

Xbox-Scene received this exclusive news from GreenGiant, who's also behind the Xbox1 XIR mods:

New generation of Tilt Mod.
There will be two versions, Xilt Advanced and Xilt Lite.
Written from the ground up to allow for the maximum user configuration, flexible for virtually any game type.

* Works with Wired and Wireless controllers
* Only 7 wires needed
* Install in 10-15 minutes
* Easily Enable/Disable tilt mod without an ugly switch
* Easily change tilt threshold in all four axis
* USB Configurator for changing any settings
* FW is upgradable (not end user)
* Xilt Advanced: Full configuration of Tilt angle to Controller Axis direction
Xilt Xilt

Expected availability, last week of April.

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PS360PCROCKS4293d ago

as cool as this may be no game is currently out to take advantage of this so why would u buy this?

marison4293d ago

to each analog stick axis. Every game automatically could use that. The tilt sensors does not function as another independent axis that have to be programmed independently.

Silver Bull3t4293d ago

devs implement this feature as an alternative to the analog thumbstick "look" function. Theoretically it should be able to let you have freedom similar to a mouse. Sure you could just up the sensitivity to turn faster via the stick in the games options, but your degrees of freedom (and overall look speed) are still limited to the travel of the stick. Using tilt for this your look speed could be much more variable.

power of Green 4293d ago

Tilt is so ridiculous for standard controllers the 360 fanbase has alot of adults in it who would use this ridiculous BS feature, gamers look silly enough playing with standard controllers.

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