Digital Battle: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time Game Review–Better Than You'd Expect

Digital Battle writes: "I'll be honest with you, folks–you know I always am, but this time I have to be particularly blunt about what I'm saying. I always get a little freaked out whenever I hear about an RPG for Nintendo's Wii. There's just something so very…not right…about the idea. See, an RPG, in the commonly meant sense of the term, involves a huge production and graphical overload and a story that goes on and on for days or even weeks. And when you think of the kind of systems that can handle such a venture, "the Wii" is generally about as far down the list as, say, "Colecovision"."

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SpoonyRedMage3396d ago

Hehe. The game's one of my faves but yeh, Cliche-o-plot. At least the beginning of it. It's not really about the plot though, it's about the customisation and multiplayer.

I highly recommend this game, but get it for the DS, not the Wii.