10 Video Games That Should Be Made Into Movies


We at Switched venture to believe that some video games would make first-class flicks with the right directors and casts. The intricate plots, slick-cut scenes, and unforgettable characters in many of today's titles are begging for the silver-screen treatment. Don't forget old 8-bit classics, either. After the jump, we make our elevator pitch for why each of these 10 games should be made into a film, complete with director and casting suggestions. So listen up, Hollywood! We're here to help.

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Myst3491d ago

+Final Fantasy VII

- Oooh no, we keep this CGI based!

Metal Gear Solid I wouldn't mind though. I just wonder how many movies they would have to make to make the whole scope of the game a reality in theaters. Would there need to be at least 2~3 Metal Gear Solid movies?