President Of Russia In Erotic Game

Kotaku: "No, not Vladamir Putin, but Elena Vladimirovna Putin - think Putin if he was a girl with white hair, red eyes and a shapely figure.
Her name is also a reference to a Grand Duchess of Russia.

Putin is appearing in upcoming ero title My Girlfriend Is The President. There's also the President of Nippon - a character named 'Obama'. (There is also an 'Obama' surname in Japanese.) This open has orange hair, green eyes and big ribbons.."

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Tony P4531d ago

So what the heck does Angel of KOF have to do with anything?

PinkUni4531d ago

good job comrades

now get ready for the next round

ar4531d ago

Putin is the Prime minister these days. Dmitry Medvedev is their sitting president. Well at least on paper.

Elven64531d ago

I would never make fun of Vladamir "Ex KGB agent I kill you with my bare hands mofo" Putin.