Top 10 Reasons Why Xbox 360's Project Natal Will Beat Waggle Control

"So every console has their own motion control system now. Nintendo has the Wii-mote. Sony is coming out with their ice cream cone controller. And Microsoft has Project Natal -- a full-body 3D motion capture, facial recognition, and voice recognition system.

Let's be frank, Microsoft's Project Natal has got them all beat. And here's why..."

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GWAVE3446d ago

And anyone can also name 10 reasons why it WON'T beat waggle control.

I mean, okay, so we eliminate "teh waggle" and replace it with "teh arm flail"? Horray. I'll take "teh waggle" any day of the week since it has:

- buttons
- rumble feedback
- both motion controls and IR pointing capabilities


But it can't be helped. Natal is a Microsoft product, so therefore it MUST be perfect, revolutionary, and the future of gaming, right?

WildArmed3446d ago

*points to the site name*
I think they tried very hard to think of those reasons ^^

HarukoHex3446d ago

WTF would you need rumble for when you the one moving. that would be just stupid. as for buttons. WTF you are the buttons idiot.

there knocked those 2 of your list.

also gwave why are you in every 360 article just to bash it. you think you would be banned by now.

Ninver3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

@ ^^^

Umm this is on the ps3 channel. Why you here anyway? can't read?

Another blind knob jockey, all you see is green lol.

Max Power3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

rumble is very important, without it you'll see the damage but won't have a sense of the feel of said damage. That's why the PSeye games weren't that great, you can see your self hit the object but that's it.

also I love it when Xbox fans made fun of sony fans because of the lack of rumble in the sixaxis, but now that they have something that doesn't have rumble its not important.

Ninver3446d ago


lol tell me about it. Just like all of a sudden graphics don't matter lol. Fanboys crack me up. Their battle was lost before it began.

Kushan3446d ago

Why are you assuming that Natal can't be used with a controller? What's really stopping a developer using the 360 pad and Natal at the same time?

Blaze9293446d ago

What's even funnier is Microsoft already said and confirmed some games will use Natal only, a controller only and some will use them BOTH COMBINED.

GWAVE3446d ago

@ Kushan and Blaze

So you're saying that in those games that use both, you want to drop your controller, do some arm flails, and then pick your controller back up again? Or maybe you'd want the game to read your facial expressions so that you have yet ANOTHER thing to keep in mind while playing video games.

Hahahaha! Quit your fragile excuses. Natal doesn't offer anything new. Anyone claiming it does is ignorant.

I did not murder him3446d ago

Whats even more sad is that MS said Natal will be able to track more than one object and gamers all at once.

The saddest thing is Bill Gates revealed Natal two years ago in a sense. Bill said what Natal would do years ago.

Dread3446d ago

relax sony fangirls

this is supposed to be a joke.

the author is not serious.. he is making fun of everyone...

did anyone READ THE ARTICLE?

wow this console war is really getting nasty

Kushan3446d ago


So what, Natal can't track the controller itself? Or your head movements? Or your feet or anything like that? It has to only track your hands and arms? Or that it can't track your facial expressions because you're using a controller? Think outside the box for once.

SolidAhmed3446d ago

in my opinion the casual gamers at first would like the idea but i am not sure about the hard core gamers.

my self as a hard core gamer i could not have the same amount of fun in Zelda TP (wii version) as the game cube version.

clicking buttons for me in gaming is a thing that i grow up with and simply it could not change.

i do not mine supporting motion controllers as long they keep supporting the "beloved original controller"

JokesOnYou3446d ago

Maybe you should read the news before commenting/attacking the sites reasons....they didn't praise it because its microsoft, in fact their just poking fun at motion controls in general. Lol, but of course you saw the word Natal and your sdf programming kicked in so its not your're hardwired afterall. lmfao


Mini Mario3446d ago

Did anybody even read this article>>> ? It was making fun of natal if anything. Unless your gullable enough to think he really means :-

"Number 03
Peter Molyneux's "Milo" will revolutionize the way 30-year old guys meet 10-year old boys. "

"Number 02
Unlike Sony and their upcoming motion sensing system, with Natal and Milo Microsoft can safely avoid any pink-ball-on-a-stick jokes and skip straight to the "child predator simulator" references."

"Number 01
C'mon, waving your hands and feet in the air is so much cooler than jerking your waggle stick around."

Seriously guys you need to read more than just the headlines before you comment.

rockleex3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

You can use it to see the bottom of an Avatar's shoe.

Its also so much more accurate than 1:1 motion controls.

DaTruth3446d ago

Before we go ahead and do the comparisons with Natal coming up on top; First show me a working Natal! Microsoft is the only one who's motion control has yet to show a fully functional prototype! And it is the only one to have a fake guy behind the curtain smoke and mirrors act!

Bam, there it is!!!

Boody-Bandit3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Am I the only one that feels Natal will lack immersion?
I am one of those guys that has stering wheels w/ force feedback & c0ckpits, arcade sticks, flight sticks, buttkickers (tactile transducers) under my seating, 7.1 sound, etc because it adds to the immersion of gaming for me.

I just don't see how a motion camera, even if it involves a controller, will give me the immersion I am use to/ looking for. Gaming is so advanced today. If anything that is why the Wii has their own following of brand new/ first time casual gamers (<-I struggled to call them that). The games on the Wii for the most part are easy to play.

I thought N4G was made up of mostly hardcore gamers. Maybe I was wrong. But if I'm not do you guys really think Natal will be successful in mainstream games like FPS/TPS, racers, fighters (<-how?), etc?

I just don't see how this will work with anything but casual games.

swingingape3446d ago

wow. people. it's a joke. no one reads the actual article, do they?

kunit22c3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

I hate these extremely ignorant 360 fanboys! seriously get a life, you 360 fanboys did the most bashing on the Wii for its controls but now you are getting motion controls and your all excited. Just wow. Also another big thing you 360 bashed the Wii for is no hardcore games, well Natal cant play ANY hardcore games. Motion controls are perfect for FPS's which the Sony and Nintendo motion controllers can do but Natal cant do that. You all try to defend Natal but you are simply doing this because it is being made by your beloved lying and cheating Microsoft, but that is the only reason. and almost none of you will buy this, and the few that do will be hypocrites so you 360 fanboys have screwed yourselves with your ignorance. Also someone PLEASE tell me how you could play a game with a 360 controller AND Natal without it being a hassle, or even possible.. Also when PS3 controllers had no rumble you flamed all over that, but now that you have something with no rumble its ok.. 360 fanboys are just ridiculous. Just grow up, and stop being so hypocryticale. and yes i realize not all of you are like this and sorry if i said this when you arnt, but the majority of 360 owners are like this but i know not all of you are, because im friends with some 360 owners. So yes Wii and PS3 fanboys it is a rare breed but there are 360 fanboys that arnt extremely hypocritical, childish and ignorant.

JohnnyBadfinger3445d ago

and the 'Waggle control' can be used to pleasure your mum. PS3 fanboys will go wild.

Microsoft dont have the guts to make anything that resembles a penis, dildo or vibrator, so kudos to Sony.

SIdepocket3445d ago

Once again, GWAVE fails to read the article.


da720izcumin3445d ago

dude, what do you gain from being bashing the 360?



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Myst3446d ago

Reason 06 doesn't make a whole lot of sense...If you have a Physical Education class wouldn't it just be best to teach the class either A. Outside (so long as it isn't raining or snowing) or B. In the gym (if it is raining or snowing).

Dread3446d ago


the guy is just joking..

why is everyone taking this article so seriously?

clinker3446d ago

This article is hilarious. Most of the points are just making fun of the whole hype surrounding NAtal and motion controllers in general. PLus, the PS3 controller looks like a penis.

swingingape3446d ago

not if arnold gets his way...

Ninver3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )


Here is one reason NATAL will fail beyond belief, gamers require some sort of physical medium to control what is going on on screen. If i was criple, the thought alone screams SUE M$! SUE MS! lol its bound to happen only in America.

Edit: I see a butt hurt M$ knob jockey is on the loose giving disagrees. Why not prove me,i mean us wrong hmm? too much thinking for you?

Max Power3446d ago

its like game devs making voice chat a requirement for online games, the deaf and mute gamers will be left out.

GiantEnemyCrab3446d ago

Come on man.. get real.. So I guess people born with no arms should sue Nintendo because they can't use the waggle.

It's an optional accessory and you don't have to use it if you don't want too. You sound like you are actually angry at Natal like it's some person that has insulted you.

SinnedNogara3446d ago

The thing is with Natal is that you cannot play these games with it:

Gears of War
Call of Duty
any hardcore game in general

You need a controller, and buttons.

DaTruth3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Those people born with no arms also cannot use a controller!

Marquis_de_Sade3446d ago

I find it amusing how you act surprised your fanboy rant is garnering disagrees. Move to the open zone or can it.

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lloyd_wonder3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Is it even considered a gaming machine or something you go "Meh, that's cool." I don't see how you can selll this to a consumer with no controllers. This is more like a Hasbro game set than an actual game machine.

Microsoft Rep: "It uses no controllers."

Cindy from Boston: "Really?" "Oh. Ok." ....*walks away slowly* *Looks at the wii and PlayStation 3 for christmas gift"

Sony is trying to appeal to both hardcore and casuals with their motion controller. Something Microsoft isn't trying to do so much. It'll be tough for them trying to sell Natal.

Ninver3446d ago

*picks up ps3 or Wii motion control* yep seems like better investment. plus it won't self destruct in my hand lol.

i3eyond the Circle3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Here's one reason it will beat the other competitors efforts.



Sonys priorities are far from straight.

I can't turn on the TV for 10minutes without seeing a Monster Hunter commercial.

And yet I havent' seen 1 InFamous and maybe 3 Killzone2 commercials during and after there launches.

WTF is up with that?


All of this "we need a controller to not be noobs talk" is just cheap.

Natal is more than just motion controller...I'll say this once.

If you think Natal will be only used for motion control YOUR a MORON.

Read up on the specs and anyone with the slightest inkling of creativity can create something worthwhile with Natal and still have you use a controller.

DlocDaBudSmoka3446d ago

We're supposed to take YOUR word as gospel. i think not. I mean you can't even write properly. its YOU"RE as in you are not your. So before you call anyone else a moron, go back to elementary and learn the proper use of words.

Hutch23553446d ago

It is you're not you"re idiot.

i3eyond the Circle3445d ago

Kid I can't even fathom on explaining on how "you're" not even around the level I've attained from the things I've accomplished.

But I tell you what.

You can go around N4G being peoples grammar corrector and spell check whore.

I'll be expressing my opinions on games and consoles with the addition of minuscule grammatical errors that only an Advanced Literary Arts teacher would get there vag sanded out for.