Dr. Phil Blames Video Games for Virginia Tech Massacre

In the wake of yesterday's horrific shootings at Virginia Tech, attorney Jack Thompson was not the only one who was quick to place blame on violent video games.

Noted T.V. shrink Dr. Phil McGraw appeared on CNN's Larry King Live last night to discuss the rampage.

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StrboyM4200d ago

Realistically, video games do have some effect on people, but so does TV, and radio. and other people. I play games like Okami, Zelda and SOTC. i don't wanna jump on a horse and go save the world or a princess. if games have a negative effect on people and make them kill other people. shouldnt we all be jumping on rats. eating mushrooms and looking for powerups in weird locations?

the problem is these people have no where else to turn to, so jump on the medium that they dont benefit from. think about it. DR phil is a tv personality. Tv shows have commercials...some of those commercials are from big budget movies. who pay Dr. phil for that tv time slot. cause his audience will be watching and "may" go see that movie. im sure all the chemicals from daily product affect me also. but he wont comment on tha, cause those commercials air during his show also

the only thing he doesnt need is...360 ps3 or wii. his audience are comprised of fat old people.

these so called analyst should realize, killers have been around wayyyyy before the video game system.... A$$holes

Torch4199d ago (Edited 4199d ago )

I agree.

But with these particular oil-leaking individuals, other things like dogs, daisies, wall portraits, ink blots, and the ever-popular "voices", are no less a motivator for killing than are video games.

Crazy is crazy. And banning video games isn't going to make a smidgen of a difference.

Frulond4199d ago

Agree totally with you, but also think its easy for guys like him to blame it on videogames because they don't play videogames! Most old ppl (not all thank god) think videogames are bad and thats it. The devil is in a box and will posses you. So its simple, maybe he has a gun or likes tv/movies then thats GOOD and anything outside his little circle and needs its EVIL. This has happened in many forms for ages sandly... if videogames were outside for long enough gamers would have been burn like witches <.<

YoJ1Mbo4199d ago (Edited 4199d ago )

I don't think video games had anything to do with this at all. If you read the news this guy prob wasn't even a gamer, let alone, from what the FBI has found out, a computer/internet person.

This guy made no real attempt to be a part of society. All of the people interviewed that knew him from class, real life, said he was quiet, a loner, and ignored attempts to open up and talk. In one class people knew him as "?" b/c he wouldn't even say his name on the first day. Also, just before the shooting it appeared to those that survived that he was looking for someone in particular.

Apparenlty this guy just felt like an outcast, hated most people (driven or imaginary), had some prior serious mental illnesses (his old essays that have come out, 2 of em...), possibly a very mentally disturbed emotional breakup or relationship denial. None of which can be blamed on violence in games.

If anything we should look at how real violence, depicted in the media, occuring all over the world all the time affects us (starting to see how it physiologically and mentally affects those living with it in Iraq). Or, how a lack of social skills, ridicule, neglect, emotional trauma, any number of the crap dealt to people can ultimately bring about this and past killings. Basically, I don't think it's at all driven by game experiences, but society experiences and a lack of the tools neededs to cope with them.

Dr. Phil and these other people that bring this sh*t up everytime something like this happens never take all the facts and put them in perspective. Ya, they might kill someone on a game, or hunting, or a bird with a bb gun and think they could do it to a human, but it doesn't, imo, ultimately drive someone to do it. All in all, my main curiosity is focused on what he has written on his arm, "Ismail ax".

The only possible connection I can see between games and killing are the military commercials and games. I'm guessing they either think it builds teamwork skills needed for combat or they knows kids love combat games and want to intrigue them into military service. Neither of which tells me that games train people to go out and kill a ton of innocent people.

BubblesDAVERAGE4200d ago

You are offically on my list...

nice_cuppa4199d ago

i tell you this in all honesty if we were all alowed guns in england this sh1t would happen here too as pu55ys use weapons and some people go wrong mentaly.
over here the nuts tend to knife people if there were guns they would shoot people.

the simple thing is if you are going to let everyone have guns in your country you need to protect everyone from guns.

stop blaming media and sort your frickin life out !

nice_cuppa4199d ago

there is a new law stating no swords unless licensed martial artist coming so my katana is coming of the wall and going to the police.

Torch4199d ago

Despite my awareness that you're in abundant company with others who support your opinion, I can't help but say that it's an absolutely outrageous, insane arguement.

Foremost, how in the world are the two comparable??? MOST knives have the ability to possess practical, everyday purposes; guns are manufactured for a single purpose: To injure or kill. Applying that logic, why don't we take it a step further and ban screwdrivers, saws and hammers while we're at it. After all, they all have the potential to kill. Besides, it takes quite a bit more work and effort to fatally insure someone with a gun than it is with a knife. Do you honestly think that he would've gotten away with killing thirty two people, had this lunatic yeilded a knife instead?

And please for the love of God, do not play the "self-defense" or "peace-keeping" card with me, because no matter what, the only reason it has any effect as a means of self-defense or peace-keeping, is STRICTLY because of it's potential (read: THREAT) to injure or kill another being. And, despite the best intentions of gun-toters, the shyte definitely WILL - and shall continue to - hit the fan occurred here. Watching CNN yesterday, I learned that Virginia does not require a license or permit in order to purchase a gun...Stunning...absolutely stunning!!!

For the record, at least here in Canada, a number of specific knives are banned from being carried around in public. Namely spring-and momentum-activated versions such as switchblades and butterfly knives. As well as knives exceeding a particular length (the unconfirmed rule of thumb is four finger widths.) And this is all rightly so.

Now this is just hearsay, but I was told that one of Bush's primary goal the other day was to reassure Americans that despite the unfortunate incident, gun laws would not be affected as a result.

Does anyone know whether this true??? Although this sounds waaaay over the top, the sad part is that I can quite clearly see this being a serious concern for the so-called leader of the US, as well as a number of individuals.

I honestly weep for the future of mankind. Because although man is no longer in the neanderthal era, it's obvious that the neanderthal continues to exist within the man. And with the incredible technology comprised of deadly nukes and chemical warfare that currently exists and continues to evolve, it's only a matter of time before a couple of derranged world leaders become a little too trigger-happy on a global scale.

Armyless4199d ago

There are salient points on both sides of this argument. We have read yours, now and I will not respond and provoke a further response except to say, "Because although man is no longer in the neanderthal era, it's obvious that the neanderthal continues to exist within the man." was completely uncalled for.

Torch4199d ago (Edited 4199d ago )

The statement to which you refer had absolutely nothing to do with politics. What I was referring to is the shadier side human nature itself, as history has repeatedly continued to prove.

Honestly, politics isn't my thing, which is to me nothing more than a fabricated, less than perfect, unscientific machine, which can be spun in favour of whomever has the biggest influence (by means of various possibilities) at any given time. It's something I really cannot take seriously.

Don't worry. There's no need to express your opinion, as I can already imagine what it may be.

Let's just conclude that we'll never see eye-to-eye on this issue, and I'll accept that.

My comments are now closed on this thread, as I eagerly prefer to return to the more upbeat topic of gaming.

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Grown Folks Talk4199d ago

then he could have "asked him some tough questions" and got his life back in order. like said above, my 10 year old nephew could probably get his hands on a couple of guns if he really wanted to. quit letting any @ss off the street pick them up. but as with everything else, the government has to allow things which make them money no matter how many people they kill. cocaine would be legal if the government could tax it, but they know everybody would buy foreign. look how many people die from smokes and alcohol.

Torch4199d ago (Edited 4199d ago )

As a result of this incident, my cousin and I yesterday led into the discussion of the popularity of 9mm handguns (the one used in this shooting) because the are so relatively inexpensive and the ease of acquiring ammo for it.

My cousin, who works for the Toronto transit system (TTC), ends up coming across a great deal of filth and low-lives, as it comes with the territory. He was telling me about a place in downtown Toronto where anyone can easily illegally purchase a 9mm for a mere CN$120. Just imagine, at that price and ease of accessibility, how many people (gang members, drug dealers, lunatics, the paraniod) we now have walking around T.O. who are packing a piece this very second.

No more than ten years ago, shootings in the Toronto areas were few and far between. Now, we have an average of AT LEAST one fatal shooting per week.

Meanwhile, there I am stuck listening my car radio about cops crying that they can't catch these guys as a result of a drastic shortage in our police force. All the while I'm sitting in my car and waiting for the police officer who just pulled me over, to return with my speeding ticket for having gone ten over the limit.


Funky Town_TX4199d ago (Edited 4199d ago )

This guy showed signs of being crazy long ago. The authority did nothing about it. Someone or something else has to be blamed for it. I HAVE THE ANSWER, THE GUY WAS CRAZY.

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