NWR: Wii Sports Resort Impressions

NWR writes: "It has been a bit of a wait, but last week Nintendo finally graced the Japanese public with the follow-up to its Wii tech demo and best-selling game of all time, Wii Sports. Last Thursday, eager to find out what Nintendo's opening implementation of Wii MotionPlus had in store, I dropped on by my neighborhood video game store to check it out. They were sold out. I was unsurprised, given the status of its predecessor, and so I decided to try a bigger outlet - the Yodobashi Camera in Kawasaki. There I found a display showing both Wii Sports Resort and the soon-to-be-released Dragon Quest IX, as well as plenty of copies of the game. I quickly purchased my copy as well as an additional Wii MotionPlus accessory."

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