Sega won't fix Gunstar Heroes' online problems due to disappointing sales

Examiner: "Gunstar Heroes was released on June 11 for the Playstation Store. Many gamers expecting to play the old-school game online were left with broken online play."

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PirateThom3395d ago

May just be me, but I take issue paying 3.99 for an old game when I got the Mega Drive collection for £20 and, let's be honest, it should have been on the disc anyway.

callahan093395d ago

I take issue with the fact that the game was advertised to have online co-op, and it shipped broken. I don't care how few people bought it, it's their responsibility to deliver the product as advertised. We deserve a patch to correct these issues.

DrWan3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

The online dies pretty fast, I cannot find anyone online to play with me on that capcom pirate game i bought, i forgot the name already. But I still need 1 more trophy and I Can't find anyone to play with.

Give this game 1-2 months more, they won't have to patch it, because no one will play it anymore.

The only game that has robust online communities are online only games. Crash commando (tutorial offline mode) and Warhawk both still has ppl to play with.