Exclusive Left 4 Dead 2 footage

CVG report's: Here's an awesome seven minutes of actual-us-playing-in-game-footage recorded from the Left 4 Dead 2 press demo we hammered yesterday.

The footage has us showing up less skillful Journalists in one of the second game's about-to-become-legendary finales.

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shocky164222d ago

Can't wait to play this on my 360.

green4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

It looks far superior to L4D and IMO the changes warrants it this to be called a sequel.Already pre ordered, so just bidding my time until November. Can't wait.

I did not murder him4222d ago

Agreed... Its surprising to me actually.

All Time Greatness4222d ago

Jumpin Jahosaphat!

It looks better than the first, and I love the first. That = win.

I did not murder him4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

Yeah the lighting engine looks tweaked the HDR lighting was crazy. It just looks more polished graphically and gameplay wise. The detail and lighting on the guns blew me away. The background environments look much more polished. The Zombie models have amazing detail and their animations are much better. The game just looks smoother.

Jeromejones4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

Cant wait to play it on my PC.

*runs away

OmarJA4222d ago

Run! & watch your bubbles, LOL!

I did not murder him4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

Oh my! disagrees for saying it looks good? lol

Looks like somebody isn't happy why don't you go post some more petition articles.

menoyou4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

Looks exactly like the first one. Waste of money IMO. Full price for this? yea right. When you can buy all those other great games coming out this year. There are tons and they are all worth the $60.

Camper4222d ago

What a total milkage

This could been in DLC but they decided to charge full price game

Took less then a year to make part 2? Yea OK more like expension

This company is joke and u fanboys keep supporting them

Tell me when was last u saw a sequel comming out in less then a year?


xSuprax4222d ago

Yeah and so is Fifa and Madden,and there just lame sport games.

Left 4 Dead 2 looks awesome,the graphics look way better.If Milkage is this good then serve me another cup.

y0haN4222d ago

The graphics don't look "way better" they look similar, and maybe you just aren't used to seeing PC games look as good as they do. Also comparing a Valve game to a genuinely milked year-in-year-out series of games, nice.

-MD-4222d ago

"Tell me when was last u saw a sequel comming out in less then a year? "

Call of Duty
Guitar Hero
Dynasty Warriors
Every Sports genre

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Sonyslave34222d ago

Hell yeah 360 version for me lol here comes the droids saying i'm getting this for pc.

PotNoodle4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

I'll be getting it for PC, does that make me a "droid"?

EDIT: I bought the first one on 360 if that makes you lot feel better..

peeps4222d ago

indeed. i own a 360 and pc but my pc will give me better results than the 360 version + mods. not to mention it will also be cheaper. But i guess because i'm not getting the 360 version i'm a droid haha

shocky164222d ago

There is nothing to be a droid about getting the better PC version.

Either way we all get to enjoy this fantastic game!

OmarJA4222d ago

These bots needs to convice them self to feel better, no kid most of us don't care...

Have playing with your Counter Strike\Team Fortress new mod.

xjxdoggggystyle4222d ago

yer right droids will say OH PC IS BETTER IMA GET IT ON MY GAMIN RIG lol noobs
this looks awesome another great xbox 360 game

Obama4222d ago

Well it is not exclusive so I will get it for the PC stupid bot.

All Time Greatness4222d ago

Its 360 console Exclusive.

Microsoft has Games for Windows and will always look to provide games for and in the real world, nobody cares. You can't play it on PS3, and thats the point. No one cares if you can boot it up on your PC lmao.

Obama4222d ago

Everyone who is a fan of ps3 is branded as Nasim nowadays. Who cares if it's console exclusive? The point is I own a ps3 and a pc, so I can play all ps3 games and most 360 exclusives. You are so far up MS's butt cheek so you may not see the point.

I did not murder him4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

Isn't strange how they always make issue of it like Games for Windows and the Xbox 360 are rival products as if they were each made by rival companies. The game is exclusive to MS.

Obama4222d ago

"You are so far up MS's butt cheek so you may not see the point."

Proved my point. I am against some of the MS's practices and its console that has a high failure rate, but I do like using window xp. See, I am a big supporter of the ps3 but I am not a slave to Sony. The same can't be said about you bots and MS.

All Time Greatness4222d ago

You think you got everyone fooled but you're the only tool here.

Quick Nasim... go get on Nelson M, Ken Kutaragi, -xRedx-,Ultimate Revenge, Snipermk0, Too Hyped,Microsoft Xbox 360, Microsoft Spokesman, Shane Kim, King Kaz, DevilHunterX, Zombieman1, El Botto and your 1,000 other that are blatantly obvious.

There are more of us true 360 fans on this site than you PS3 fanboys, 50% of the PS3 fans on this site are really Nasim lmao.

r2kcipher4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

If it makes u guys happy. I will buy a 360 just for this one game, and gladly pay the extra $10 for the console version. Instead of buying it for my perfectly capable pc.

My total unwise spending for the sake of Microsoft comes to $310 plus tax. Oh wait I need to get live too.....

EDIT: @all time greatness. You must admire nasim for his ability to manage time. I mean if what you say is true he must have no time to eat, sleep, make a living, or play any videogames. What he does is incredible but, he needs to be banned, for having multiple accounts. So what u should do is report everyone who says they own a ps3. Starting with me!!

peeps4222d ago

i really don't get xbox fanboys argument??

going 'ha you can play it on pc but not ps3!!!' and... you're laughing at someone for being able to play a game... but not on your 'rival console'. Surely it doesn't matter what platform you play the game on... if you can play the game why does it matter, just cus you're not playing it on the 360 doesn't make you a ps3 fanboy lol

Pandamobile4221d ago

Games for Windows has nothing to do with L4D2.

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xdye0174222d ago

@DeathroW22, if you own a PS3 but don't own an xbox.....yes.

The game looks good. Day 1 purchase.

PotNoodle4222d ago

I do own both a PS3 and xbox 360, but i don't get how it makes you a "droid" if you don't own an xbox but get the PC version?

I don't get it.

Gamer_Politics4222d ago

because that all ps3 fanboys say when comes to console exclusive 360 games..

I did not murder him4222d ago

I agree a lot of droids have been exposed to windows too long. Their hate for MS is a non factor with -Games For Windows- gaming so they deal with it. They continue to hate on other MS products with unhealthy malice because these products have not monopolized their respective markets. In other words droids have little choice when it comes to top of the line PC gaming.

PotNoodle4222d ago

But why do you care so much about what they say?

And what is so bad about them getting it anyway, are they not allowed to enjoy a good game too?

All Time Greatness4222d ago

Deathrow22 everyone knows your a last place PSTard, no one cares about it being on PC....Microsoft has a PC platform to take care of also. I might be getting this on PC.

The point is its console Exclusive to Xbox 360 and cannot be played on the PS3.

PotNoodle4222d ago

"Deathrow22 everyone knows your a last place PSTard"

How do you work that one out? I'd love for you to explain.

All Time Greatness4222d ago

You're a PS3 fanboy aka last place PSTard.

PotNoodle4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

No no, explain to me why you think i'm a PS3 fanboy?

You can think about getting it on PC but i cannot? How is it any different?

I'm not sat here claiming that it isn't exclusive or anything like that, i'm simply asking what is so bad about choosing the PC version over the 360 version?

All Time Greatness4222d ago

No one cares if you get it on PC, your the one asking dumb droid questions.

The point is it isn't on PS3, the only console you can get it is Xbox 360 and ofcourse Microsoft also supports their PC platform and will continue to, it's still not on PS3.

PotNoodle4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

Wait what? I'm not saying to say anything about it not being exclusive, i'm not even talking about the PS3!

I'm just saying that i'll be getting the PC version of left 4 dead 2 this time around instead of getting it on 360 like i did with the first left 4 dead.

Why am i getting attacked for that? And why am i getting called a PS3 fanboy for that, i have not mentioned the PS3 at all since this post, it has nothing to do with that platform.

peeps4222d ago

wow just wow. You're having a go at someone for wanting to play L4D2 on pc rather than 360 screeming fanboy fanboy, you should really take a look in the mirror.

If someone wants to play a game why does it matter what platform they play it on.

tehReaper4222d ago


Although you may or may not be a fanboy, you are in cautious waters. Every time Microsoft has an exclusive game or franchise release also on PC, PS3 fanboys are quick to say "Ohh, it's not exclusive, I'll play it on my l337 gaming rig". Happens EVERY time.

See with PS3 fanboys, you don't just get the regular fanboy crap, you get even worse. If the 360 has an exclusive, doesn't matter what it is, the fanboys try their hardest to act like no one cares about it, downgrade the graphics, etc.

I mean, you were here for last fall weren't you? Do you recall any spoilers going around, particularly the Gears variety? That's how lame PS3 fanboys can be. They resort to ruining games for people.

I tried to sum it up for you.

PotNoodle4222d ago

I was here last fall and was too annoyed at the gears spoilers, but to jump on everyone saying they want to get the PC version of an xbox 360 game is pathetic.

The problem isn't just in the PS3 fanboys, but in these xbox fanboys who sit here getting annoyed by it, who react and constantly do things they complain about the other side doing.

I was called a "droid" as soon as i said i'll be getting the PC version, before anyone even knew if i even was a PS3 owner, infact before anyone knew i even had any console. Pathetic, don't you think?

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Silent4222d ago

but i still love it :) cant wait for pc version

militant074222d ago

i played the L4D demo but didnt own it, but going to get 2 :)