Killzone PS3- Guerilla Games Recruiting

Even though Guerilla Games is probably extremely busy and hard at work on Killzone for the PlayStation 3, it seems that they're still looking for a few good soldiers. Their website has been updated with the following message:

"TEAM UP" Guerrilla Games is now recruiting for its flagship PS3 title."

If you happen to be(or want to be) in the Netherlands and are qualified enough, you might want to head over to

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nix4297d ago

i know someone in netherlands and he hates PS3! q:

TheMART4297d ago

Who would that be.... hhmmmmmm

Ah I don't hate it, it just happens to be a descent BluRay player, but not a descent gaming device that's all.

Well, they need more people probably because it's so damn hard to get the job done properly. Which they probably can't do getting it up to the E3 2005 CGI trailer.

Didn't Killzone 1 got reviews between 6 and 7? Why are all the fanboys so hyped for this title then? Can't get that really

masterg4297d ago

You would have to look long and hard for anybody on the net who is more clueless than TheMART. I don't know if it possible.
Maybe if we all look long and hard we will find one, but I doubt it.

techie4297d ago

Mart did you know that Killzone Liberation got an average of 9? It's meant to be one of the best games on the PSP...they looked at their faults in the first Killzone and solved them all. That's why it's going to be good.

TheMART4297d ago (Edited 4297d ago )

Deep... any descent game on the PSP will get a 9 I bet because untill recently it had NO games.

Plus I don't think you can say if a PSP game got a 9, a PS3 game will also hit high.

And it's not making the statement less I guess. Original Killzone was below average. Why is everyone so hyped about it?

We've seen NOTHING after the E3 2005 CGI lying stuff from SOny. Nothing at all. What are you actually waiting for?

techie4297d ago

To show what they've been working their butts off to do. Guerilla are now 1st party...they have guys from SCEE cambridge, london...all working on Killzone. All the forces are coming together for this game...that's why I'm interested to see what they achieve.

schnodder4296d ago

the mart suck$ major a$$

gooner4296d ago

"Plus I don't think you can say if a PSP game got a 9, a PS3 game will also hit high."

then he says

"Original Killzone was below average. Why is everyone so hyped about it?"

make up ur mind if a video game can be judged by its predecessor or not or are you on any side that mkes the ps3 look like crap
bills willie licker

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PSN Starfleets4297d ago

If they're starting to recruit additional people to their team, then why do expect this game to be out so soon as the summer?

It'll probably be late 2007 at the earliest.

Vojkan4297d ago

Yes it was planned for end of 2007 for a long time. Why are they hiring more people? Well they might want to speed it up and release it little bit earlier, looking at how there is only a few good exclusive games on PS3 that might be the case.

techie4297d ago

Hiring is a common thing to happen near the end of a games life...they need lots of people to test it, do all the odd jobs and get it together in quick time. There's been lots of people from SCEE moving over to the netherlands to do this game.

nice_cuppa4297d ago

as they know they need to be out before halo 3 !

Vojkan4297d ago

i don't think so. Halo 3 is due to be released in September or October? So lets try to use some logic. E3 is in July? So we have August after July. So in August? No no way, e3 is in end of July where they are going to show game for the first time. Then September? Don't think so. Why would they go against GTA4, that is stupid. Than October to go head to head with Halo3!!! yes if they want to be overshadowed in media. I would assume that we can expect game in November or December.

sak5004297d ago

are looking for magicians. Only they will be able to help create something out of nothing which looks like the E3 05 footage.

Bathyj4297d ago

There not very specific about what type of people they're looking for so its probably not Director or lead animator. They might just need bodies for playtesting and QA.

Genki4297d ago (Edited 4297d ago )

is Sony's acquisition of them from 2005...I think it's safe to say that they may not update their site too often. We've heard of and known of their online job adverts for a very long time now.

With that said, I doubt this is anything new, perhaps just something so long forgotten that it's thought of as news upon rediscovery.

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