Capcom 2007 Spring Gamers' Day Full Report And Hands-On Impressions

Capcom held their 2007 Spring Gamers' Day in San Francisco on Thursday, and [gameinformer] were on hand to witness all of the latest announcements and get our hands on the company's latest titles.

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tomfoolery4205d ago

Now bring on that new Soul Calibur. about a graphically enhanced Dreamcast version for
us SC disciples?

Black Republican4205d ago

can someone please tell me
if CAPCOM will ever make a new

street fighter game???

I know they are 2d games and they do not appeal to alot of ppl (i think)
I know my friends and I do really enjoy them though.

I really want a new Street Fighter game or even if they released Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (with online) that would be awesome.


schnodder4205d ago

where's Dead Rising 2????