Last Rebellion Screenshots Come in Twenty

SCRAWL: "Several new screenshots have been released today for NIS and HitMaker's upcoming Last Rebellion for PlayStation 3. From the looks of it, the game's cutscenes are like that of games like Disgaea and Cross Edge where you see artwork of the character alongside text. You'll also see Nine and Aisha in an interesting looking battle system. We can only wait to hear how it works."

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TheHater3446d ago

The graphics as improve a lot since we last saw this game when it was announce 2 months ago. This game comes out in the US this fall right?

blacksniper3446d ago

I think it does come out this fall, unless there was a delay I didn't here about.

Baba19063446d ago

looks great. one question though. is there exploring? i hate rpg that just jump from fight to fight with story inbetween.

callahan093446d ago

Shaping up nicely. I'm interested in this one, for sure. I like most NIS games, incidentally. Is this still on point to come out in North America before Japan? Because that was the original word, and the game was announced by NIS America before NIS of Japan. But all the screenies have been in Japanese, so... ?