Obscure: The Aftermath has a Vagina Monster!

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:
"Before the title gets explained, and yes it is true, the game actually has that particular type of monster. Obscure: The Aftermath is also one of the titles that is being published by PlayLogic, and recently had its embargo lifted. The developer behind this upcoming PSP game is Hydravision, who was also the developer of the first Obscure title as well."

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Johnny Rotten3397d ago

I played the first one the Xbox and it was pretty fun. looks like the PSP is going to have a pretty good future ahead of them, everyday there seems to be a new game popping up!

DJ3397d ago

The monster in the description caught me off guard, but it actually does look pretty good.

locos853397d ago

Where is the Pic? Weird way to announce a game.

ThanatosDMC3397d ago

Anyone watched TGP or better known as The Gore Police? They had a crocodile vagina monster in that movie as well as some other sick stuff. I couldnt watch the whole thing cuz it was stupid and just gore. There was absolutely no point for a story... the story was BS.

jmare3397d ago

I think there is a bigger question here. What the hell is so scary about a vag?

DJ3397d ago

Must be super hairy or something.

bjornbear3397d ago

It must have a hell of a killing move.........

DJ3396d ago

Hilarious movie, once you get about 30 minutes in.

dopeboimagic923392d ago

Wow... Mad props for the title.

Looks interesting to say the least.