Retailers Getting Desperate Trying To Sell PlayStation 3's

JBHi-Fi try to convince customers to buy their PS3 consoles now, by issuing "PS3 News Updates" explaining that there will be no price drop until 2009.

Article includes photo.

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CyberSentinel4204d ago

To all retailers who got/get stuck with their large inventory stock numbers of PS3's.

Blind Lemmings, Open Your Eyes.

zantetsuken4204d ago

/me gives you some fanboy cookies


Bad_Karma4204d ago

Dude , do you have a thing for Lemmings ? .. you mention them quite a lot ,seems like you got a fetish going on there .

Cant believe some still think PS3 is gonna fail , its quite laughable really especially when it seems as Sony are sitting back and going with the flow (no pun intended) and not resorting to desperation measures.

jmoneezie4203d ago

Hey all,

I was planning on get a PS3 this weekend to complete the trio. I however do have a couple of quick question.

1. How well does the PS3s wifi connection work for online play?
2. Is the blueray player compatible with regular DVD movies.

Thanks in advance.

Covenant4203d ago

1. The wifi seems to be compatible with all wireless routers that I've seen/read about. I would recommend Netgear personally, though Linksys is solid (assuming you don't already have a wireless router). Connection is pretty simple...the PS3 does most of the work for you.

2. Yes, it will play regular DVD movies.

Don't forget that the PS3 does NOT come with any kind of HD cables, so HDMI is recommended (if your TV supports it). If not, Psyclone component cables are probably the best, though they'll set you back about $60-$70. The Sony brand component cables aren't bad, and run about $20.

Also, don't forget the memory card adapter if you want to transfer your PS2 saves to your PS3 HD.

And, I have to say this: Don't forget the Xbox 360: It offers a lot of great options, as well. Make sure you know what you're looking for in a system before purchasing either one. (The 360 satisfied what I wanted from a system; the PS3 works for others).

Good luck. If you need any more help, don't forget that this site also has a forum.

jmoneezie4203d ago

Thanks Covenant,

I appreciate the response to my question. I already have a 360 and um lovin it. because I so greety, I also want a piece of the PS3 action also. Lair, and some of the other titles looked awesome. This way no matter what comes out I'll be gettin' it! YEAH!

Covenant4203d ago

I know what you mean: I look at games like Lair, Motorstorm, and Heavenly Sword and wish I could play them on my 360. *Sigh* I guess I'll have to make do with Mass Effect, BioShock, and Halo 3.

Not bad "consolation prizes," eh? :)

Of course, if you buy a PS3, you'll get the best of both worlds.

EZCheez4203d ago

So far I haved used my PS3 with a Linksys and a Belkin Wireless "N" router. Both were compatible with no problems.

And about HDMI cables- Do NOT pay more than $20 for an HDMI cable. And do not let anyone tell you there is a difference between the cheaper and more expensive ones. HDMI cables carry a digital signal, 1's and 0's. Component cables and everything to a lesser extent send signals through "waves" (to keep things simple). It is far easier for these "waves" to get distorted due to cable quality, interference and lack of shielding, than for a cable to lose a digital signal of 1's and 0's. No matter how weak the signal is once it gets to the end of the cable, the receiver can still tell whether or not it says 1 or 0, hence the considerable reduction in loss of signal.


BOTTOM LINE-Don't buy any HDMI Monster cables that are overpriced, because the $10 cables are just as good

PS-There are operational differences between HDMI cables, but for right now based on your home entertainment setup this is no basis for a difference in price.

MikeGdaGod4203d ago

1) WiFi works great. i use it for video chat with my buddies and its really good, almost no lag. Buffalo router

2)dvds work good. bootlegs and all

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mang4203d ago

Its about time a girl joined in on the friendly discussion =]

wildcat4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

Anyone with half a brain could tell that's a straight up lie. In order to stay competitive, they will always have to drop the price. I think they'll definitely drop the price this coming Christmas ,at the latest, as the Wii and 360 do the same. The funny thing is that when they drop the price, it'll ultimately be of better value with a wider selection of games by then. Some people can wait for a price drop and some people will want to play PS3 games sooner. They certainly shouldn't be lied to or called 'blind lemmings' for it, sheesh

ASSASSYN 36o4204d ago

I shot and killed a Playdeeration!

fenderputty4204d ago

That's totally photoshoped. Originally this was a picture of Rudolph the Red Ringed of Death Reindeer. He overheated and fell out from the sky almost hitting that biker.

kornbeaner4204d ago

Why would anybody be in a rush to spend $999.

if the price is to stay the same for 2 years, I would just wait till
1. There are more games
2. Blu-ray is the winner of the next-gen media wars.

This retailer is runned by a bunch of morons.

dantesparda4203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

Cuz why? if bluray fails, then what!? they cease to make PS3 games? you fangirls are stupid, you know that? The only downside to bluray failing for PS3 owners would be that blurays game discs wont drop more in price (but like they were gonna do that anyways). But that still wouldnt affect PS3 owners as games would still be the same price. So give up this moronic argument already fangirls, cuz you's sound real fvcking stupid saying it, pathetic desperate bastards!

Yo @ YoJimbo or whatever the fvck your name is. You really are a stupid fvck! 1st of all, Kornbeaner is not a "girl" dumb a$$, and 2.) Im not saying "fangirls" cuz i think its a girl, Im saying it to insult you fanboys, by calling you's girls. And 3.) What is your problem? are you a girl? why are you so sensitive (just like a b!tch) towards that? hmm? interesting. Take the tampon out your cooche, beyotch!

And p.s. I love me some women

YoJ1Mbo4203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

I think she/he's referring to the fact that if Blue-ray fails they won't grab much share in the movie industry. HD tv's are dropping in price so why be forced to buy a system that might not produce a realistic amount of next-gen videos?? Also, if you bought a xbox360 and/or Wii, don't have the money for a ps3, then why not wait till some really great games come out that provoke your interest enough to save the money and buy? I think a Blu-ray drive you'd have no use for and no interest in the games is a valid opinion...

Your comment is not only ill-wrote, but completely biased towards ignorant, shallow, and one-sided ideas mostly hinting at your opinion of women. If you hate woman that's one thing, just next time I'd recommend hiding it and use spellcheck...also, come up with a better argument. Now I don't necessarily think she/he needed my help but your kind of ignorance pisses me off!

p.s. Ok man, your arguments were still immature and idiotic ignoring your degrading comments towards women gamers. Also, if you read my posts you'd find I'm not a fanboy or girl, just a little "beyotch" that can own your tiny intellect any day. I don't post here much but it's your type of comments that destroy any chance at gratifying communication. I read you don't always post like that, just half the time, so half the time you should tuck away your crazy thoughts about what a "fanboy" is and act your age.

kornbeaner4203d ago

Thanks for making all PS3 fanboys look retarted.

I Don't own a 360.

Matter of fact I got my PS3 in California at Launch.

So now what? People like you are the worst of the worst as far as fans are concerned. I have no plans to get a 360 till they lower the price.

the reason I state what I state is that for $600 I Feel I got a Great Deal, But At a $1000 thats more of investment that every little feature in the machine has to be usable for years to come or else I might feel ripped-off.

So next time how bout you read a little of my profile and you'll see the only gamer tag I have is for PSN.

Skizelli4203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

@dantesparda: Are you capable of saying anything remotely intelligent? After reading your post twice, my conclusion is no.

As for this article, I hate the fact that this whole site has become a haven for fanboys and their pointless news submissions such as this, simply to rile up others. It's the same ol' crap, time and time again.

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