Valve writer would love more Counter Strike

It seems that at least one member of Valve would love to see a new edition of Counter Strike. At a Left 4 Dead 2 press event earlier this week pressed Valve writer Chet Faliszek about a possible return for the excellent team-based shooter.

"Personally, I would like to see some more Counter Strike. Left 4 Dead made me stop playing that for a while, I was just concentrating on that. I used to play a lot of Day of Defeat! I still go back and play some."

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Pandamobile3446d ago

Valve can hold off on a new Counter Strike until they make a new engine.

Maybe when (if) they make Half-Life 3 in like 2014 or 2015 they'll make a whole new engine, Source 2. Then they can refresh the CS experience.

phosphor1123445d ago

Of course they need the classics, but its either AK, M4, or all anyone chooses.

CaptainSquirts3446d ago

Yea it would be a waste to make a new cs game with the old engine new engine is needed!!!!!

DeadlyFire3446d ago

I agree. New engine for new CS experience. No offense to Source engine, but its getting old. Valve needs new Source engine or something. It would be nice to see new engine with HL Episode 3 or something.

Pandamobile3446d ago

Episode 3 will have an upgraded engine, to the same degree Episode 2 looked better than Episode 1. Better lighting and shaders and textures.

A whole new engine probably won't come til after Episode 3 is done.

ThePlaystationFour3446d ago

Valve you have been getting a lot of free time for yourselfs to even ask for more CC. GET BACK TO MAKIN NEW PLAYSTATION 3 GAMES!!

Pandamobile3446d ago

They never made PS3 games in the first place. They're a PC dev with 360 support.

TheForgotten0ne3446d ago

I would love to just se a patch for Counter Strike:Source...
1.6 get new updates, but source don't. There are some obvious things that could need to be fixed with source, but they just don't!

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The story is too old to be commented.