Gamestop Offering 360 Elite Trade-In, Hasn't Thought It Through

From Gearlive:
"Gamestop, always looking to keep their inventory of used systems and games well-stocked, will be taking the Xbox 360 Core, Xbox 360 Platinum, and original Xbox as trade-in credit towards purchase of a new Xbox 360 Elite (or other purchase). Thus sayeth and other games websites in the area.

According to Kotaku, you'll also be able to get a better trade-in deal on your used console… the Xbox 360 Platinum will get you $250 (normally $190), Core packs get you $200 (normally $140), and the lowly original black Xbox will get you $50. That all sounds like a pretty good trade-in deal for a new 360 'l33t, but we've gotta wonder how exactly Gamestop is hoping to help the droves of Premium owners that want to transfer their data from the 20GB drive to the Elite's 120GB drive… will you have to sit there and wait for them to do it in-store? Or will they let you keep your 20GB drive for a deposit? Or will they somehow use the magic of the internets' pipes to get your 20GB worth of Elder Scrolls saves and Xbox Marketplace purchases to you? What's the deal here? So far, we're waiting for details on how exactly this operation is going to work. My money is on "not smoothly"."

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NextGen24Gamer4203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

At EB Games/Gamestop...They normally take the Hard drive seprerately. But the actual flier states for 250 that includes the hard drive trade in. Of course 280 would have been a better deal. But you still spend a little over 200 and get a new Elite 360.

SmokeyMcBear4203d ago

wait.. so whats the difference between the premium and core, i thought it was the hard drive, but i guess im missing something.

etownone4203d ago

WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR INFO FROM? 30 extra for the hard drive? i have the flyer, i spoke to my local gamestop and I called their direct 1-800 # and they all say the trade in is with the hard drive.

likeaboss3024203d ago

What do you use to transfer the data over from the Premium to the Elite?

likeaboss3024203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

I know a memory card but the last time I checked they aren't in the multi-gig range! Is there another solution. I know MS has something for the 120GB upgrade but not for Premium to Elite transfers.

DEIx15x84203d ago

The 120 gig hard drive (elite and separate) come with a special cable.

NextGen24Gamer4203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

The actual console has a chrome finish
Ethernet Cable is included
Wireless Controller is included
Headset is included
Componant Cables are included

That is the 50 dollar trade in difference.

Keep in mind the 120 gig hard drive is 180. So essentially you spend a little over 200 after your trade in and get a brand new Elite 360. Its a Good deal if....

A. You just want a "new" console to replace your old one.

B. You want/need hdmi to get the best picture quality for your hdmi hd television.

C. You need/want the 120 gig hard drive.

D. You think Blsck is better and Bigger is better.

You can transfer data from your premium hard drive to the Elite Hard drive with a transfer cable that MS will send you for free.

P.S. You don't lose your GamerTag or data. Those who say that have no clue what they are talking about. All your download are stored on xbox live servers. Your GamerTag can be recovered easily. And there is a data transfer cable that easily copies the info from your hard drive to the new Elite Hard drive. Don't let mis informed people deter you from upgrading if you are interested in doing so for the bigger hard drive and or HDMI output.

Lacarious4203d ago

Seriously.... who here has faith in M$ getting anything right the first time around?

the el33t looks nice but most def not worth it when you're going to lose all your data\gamertag.

calderra4203d ago

...and Sony having to drop the 20GB entirely because it's so unpopular is better? Heh.

And as said- this was a mistake on the writers' part. Gamestop takes the hard drive seperate from the Pro console, and getting the rate on the Pro console requires you trade in all its accessories as well.

If you're willing to trade all that in, you can keep your hard drive completely, transfer your files, and get the $30 extra later.

shotty4203d ago

'the el33t looks nice but most def not worth it when you're going to lose all your data\gamertag. '

You can always recover your account as long as you know the email address and password. All data can be re-downloaded off the marketplace since it links all your previous downloads to your gamertag. There is also a transfer cable that ships with the 120GB that transfers all the data over in 1 big step and takes care of all the DRM stuff along with that. The cable is called the Xbox 360 migration cable, its official first party and comes with a disc that contains the neccessary software to make it all happen.

etownone4203d ago

Does everyone realize the elite does not come with the transfer cable?

only the seperate 120hd comes with the cable. i called xbox and they said they will send me the cable for free if I need it, but it is NOT included with the elite.

and also, where is everyone getting their info from? the premium trade-in is WITH the hard drive. I have the flyer, and spoke to my local gamestop and the 800 #, they all say that the trade in must include the hard drive.

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