Dissidia Releasing In September Across PAL Territories

Final Fantasy Union writes "Up until now, gamers in PAL territories had been left in the dark about when Dissidia: Final Fantasy would be released. While many online retailers had produced estimates based off of the North American release date, nothing official had ever been announced by Square Enix until now.

They are pleased to announce that Dissidia: Final Fantasy will be released on the 4th of September, 2009, which is only a week after the North American release. This quashes any fears gamers had about having to wait months for a localised version, and really sets a precedence for Square Enix moving forward."

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mephman3393d ago

Pretty impressed that it's only a week after the North American release.

iamtehpwn3393d ago

Square Enix keeps trying to pacify PAL regions with "special editions".
That's poor excuse for slow localization.

ShawnCollier3393d ago

Have to say I'm surprised Square Enix isn't screwing over Europe for once. Hopefully this carries over into FFXIII's release there.

Selyah3393d ago

Hopefully hopefully... but yeah outlook is definitely looking good.

Myst3393d ago

Makes me wonder if it's the one Japan got or if it's just the one that the U.S. got (mystic silver over Japan's designs on the back) if it's Japan's I swear I'm going to scream...