Yahtzee's Prototype vs. InFamous Challenge

Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw writes:

"In my recent Prototype Vs. InFamous video you may remember that I found myself unable to honestly call either game the best. Both were stronger in individual areas - Infamous wins on story and side missions while Prototype wins on combat and dick potential - but overall they balance each other out. I wasn't satisfied, though. There has to be a winner, if only to decide which name to read out first when giving out the joint prize. So at the end of that video I suggested an unbiased tie-breaker that could be kept unaffected by actual game quality. Namely, which of the two studios could produce the best image of the rival game's main character wearing women's lingerie.

Well, imagine my surprise when representatives from both Sucker Punch and Radical announced their intention to take this final showdown seriously. So, without further ado, let's set out on this visual odyssey, and never speak of it again."

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DeforMAKulizer3397d ago

Utterly AWESOME!!!!!!
It's really astonishing how both companies replied with such sick and embarrassing images hehe...
Nice challenge!

squadass993397d ago

its eveen funnier when you watch the reviews for them as well. than it makes more sense (if there was any). im shocked that they actually took up the challenge. sucker punch and the other developer... (soz name escapes me) must really be into there games.

and i have to say i agree with the outcome, the best won :D

heroicjanitor3397d ago

Can't believe that they actually responded :) Why do transvestites inspire the use of unicorns though? lol

Carl14123397d ago

LOL i didn't expect them to do it. That is te definition of epic

Alex has some great tits

ChampIDC3397d ago

I now love both of those studios twice as much. I love devs with a good sense of humor.

Boody-Bandit3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

Kudos to Radical and Sucker Punch for doing this. This is what gaming should be about. HAVING FUN!

Expecting "lens of truth" to come along any minute and do a pixel count on the pictures sent by both devs to determine the definitive winner. /s

hay3397d ago

Awesome :D
Kudos for both teams!

ThanatosDMC3397d ago

"Thanks to Radical Entertainment and Sucker Punch Productions for being such good sports. You sick, sick f*cks." -YZ


phosphor1123397d ago

My eyes are tearing up lmao, omfg. I was purely disgusted at the drag queen Cole became, but I just lost it when I saw Alex. I'm not going to lie, that was more gay than a gay pride parade going through Gay Town.

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Power_Of_Flops_3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

Fanboys this way >>>>> Open Zone

(but yeah you're right, PS3 is better)

ChampIDC3397d ago

It's obviously a joke XD

I can't believe you took him seriously, unless you're the master of textual sarcasm and tricked me o.O

SeraphimBlade3397d ago

can't really say it won because prototype is multi-console. However, you are onto something. I have been on the border between consoles since I got all three so...
Microsoft and Sony. PM me pictures in this fashion of Solid Snake and the guy from Gears Of War (even if I played it regularly, I probably wouldn't remember anyone's name) respectively. alternatively, MS can do Nathan Drake or Kratos. Winners will be announced when I feel like getting to it
Nintendo's ineligible due to obscene amounts of shovelware. However, they can PM me pictures of Samus in woman's underwear anytime they wish. It's only fair.

PirateThom3397d ago

Hahahahaha! This is how all comparisons in the future should be.

Ellessdee3397d ago

somehow i knew this was gonna happen. i knew at least one of the companies would hear the challenge and go through with it.

damn was that funny.

HBK6193397d ago


Brilliant work by both developers (excusing the pathetic 2nd picture from Radical).

The fact that not only do they view Yahtzee's videos and hold him to some high regard to actually come up with that is so good.

Am glad that they both ended up doing it, would've been awkward if it was only one.

I honestly didn't think this would happen though, massive rep to both Sucker Punch and Radical Entertainment.

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