Upcoming games that could revolutionize the industry

Hundreds of games are released every year, then played and forgotten by the next. Only a dozen or so will be remembered a decade from now, and only a few of those will have any lasting impact on the medium as a whole.

Which upcoming titles stand the best chance of leaving that meaningful mark? Which will be remembered, studied and mimicked endlessly? Which will inspire new subgenres or introduce groundbreaking new features? GamesRadar knows the games that have done so in the past, of course – names like Mario, GTA, Sims and Warcraft – but predicting the trendsetters of the future is a much more difficult task.

Here are 20 with the most potential. If change is inevitable, these are the ones that will bring it to gamers.

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GameGambits3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

Wow that list was T R A S H! Tiger Woods? Wii Sports? Toy Story? Get OUT OF HERE CASUAL GAME MAN!

Seriously that list actually ticked me off. Chalk up that site to something I never click on again. Opinion based or not you'd have to have a peanut sized brain to put most of the games on that list on that list.

Swiftfox3398d ago

I'm not sure I agree with the author of this article.

Yes we know these are great games and they will sell well and they each bring something different (Although I don't count natal as a game but rather a platform)

However, I would only classify a hand-full as being "trend setters" or games that will revolutionize the industry.

To be more blunt: The industry is molded by what's popular and what sells. Games like Halo and God of War are prime examples of games that hit upon a good idea and the industry ran with it. Now it's hard to find a shooter or hack 'n' slash that don't have something in common with their respective predecessors.