Sony's Jack Tretton Talks PlayStation 3 and the 10-Year Console Cycle

Kevin Ohannessian -

Fast Company sat down with the President of Sony Computer Entertainment America recently to discuss his commitment to the PS3's 10-year life-cycle despite the recession, the industry's fixation on hardware price cuts, and the future of downloadable games.

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Swiftfox3446d ago

That was a nice read.

It's always nice to get a baring on a company's philosophy on business and how they plan on doing it in a failing economy. Sony seems to take pride in their conviction and seem confident that it will weather them through this troubling time.

GameGambits3446d ago

I love Jack Tretton. Something about him compared to the other companies' reps just makes him seem more approachable and friendly.

I'm hoping at next years E3 they'll follow Microsofts approach and drop the sales # pitch to us, and just have it all be awesome on stage like it is when they don't talk # talk. :)

sunil3446d ago

Looking at Reggie, Don and Jack... I feel Jack is the most humble of them all. Somehow Reggie and Don feel arrogant

Megaton3442d ago

Tretton is pretty much the only public figure from any of the big 3 that I've ever liked. He's the only person of the bunch that seems like your normal, everyday guy. Doesn't act like a spinning PR automaton every time he opens his mouth.

gameraxis3446d ago

i wish the interviewer has said, that's awesome, but how are u going to improve on getting that message out there, how are u going to let wii owners know that they can still get the ps3 even with a SD tele, and all the features are in SD format as well as HD when and if they decide to upgrade?

i would have like to hear that response

keysy4203446d ago

he had to talking about 360 and wii. its been 3 to 5 and why would you buy either of those systems right now if you have a brain. sony is in a better position than both and with the word that the eyetoy will respond to things just like natal with voice recognition, recognizing foriegn materials for in game use. sony is spitting out big guns right now and i just dont understand why people wouldn get it over the other consoles

zok3103446d ago

This guy is very laid back and cool.