Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for PSP gets DLC

Capcom just announced that there's a new downloadable quest for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on the PSP, and it's available right now. Check out the details at Mike Got Game.

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Myst3396d ago

"a Daimyo Hermitaur, Tigrex, and Plesioth."

Oh hell no....each are easy in their own respects, but I'd rather not use my true devil slicer on a Hermitaur when I could get my soon to be made blacksmith hammer. The hammer is to slow for the tigrex (at least for me) and the plesi...well just the plesi...

ThanatosDMC3396d ago

Best place to gather Pokke Points is on the Swamps with the Bulldrome and Congalala.

Wait, are the names still the same in Unite???

Myst3396d ago

Yeah the ones from MHF2 --> to --> MHFU same names, only ones that have changed were the Jappanese to English names like Hynoc which is Hynocatrice or something and Naruga (Japanese name don't know is now) Narugakaruga. I think those are the only changes.

Yeah I was trying those, but I found that the Rathalos + Rathian in Forest and Hills yielded the most. Since they both went down easy while using one of my long swords. Probably about 2 minutes tops to take down the rathalos (maybe less?) and a few minutes for Rathian, get my carves and farcaster myself out of there :p.

Congalala + bulldrome was only helpful if I got Congalala innards from the smaller ones as well as the big one, since it yields about 2000(?) or so per one you give to the old man.

ThanatosDMC3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

No no. You have to mine Quartz Ores. If you're lucky, you could get 12,000 pokke points per quest.

Kill the Bull Drome first. Paintball the monkey. Powerjuice or Megajuice, gathering +1 or +2, hi speed gathering, or the ability to run fast while carrying something. I forgot what it's called.

You could easily upgrade your farm doing this.

For money, fight Gold or Silver and sell their parts. Also, Philanthropist felyne skill helps.

Myst3396d ago

OOoh, I know what you mean now. Yeah I'll need to actually get a suit designed for gathering so far I only have my Gunner and pretty much fighting suits, nothing else at the moment for gathering or such. Thanks for that (Never really mined a lot in those treasure hunting quests and usually use my hunting horn when on gathering. Play the note so no stamina decreases and just run in zig zagging lines lol.

Anyway bubbles to you for that tip.

ThanatosDMC3396d ago

Oh yeah, for those that didnt know. MHP2G to MHFU conversion is now 100% possible for only one of your saved characters!!!

You'll need an account from them and then upload your whole folder of MHP2G save file (a folder called ULJM05500 in a rar file) then create a topic and wait for the converters to convert.

I wish they'd tell us how they convert the file though... it'd be much much faster though they get less traffic.

Note: They only accept mediafire and sendspace uploads. No megauploads

ThanatosDMC3396d ago

Update about the conversion.

I found how out how to convert the file and managed to convert my save file to be completely playable with UNITE.

Here's the guide:

Looks like you need to have a program called Freecheat program. Also, a lot of patience with Japanese writing. Enjoy!

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Johnny Rotten3396d ago

I'm slowly getting into Monster Hunter, I find it somewhat overwhelming being that it's my first time playing, the cool thing is when I'm not playing it I always feel the need to start it up.

Myst3396d ago

Yeah it really is overwhelming, but the moment you put the PSP system down and take a quick glance at the system. You'll pick it right back up, it's the curse of the game itself as well as the system. Monster Hunter seems to do that to a lot of people :p.

ThanatosDMC3396d ago

Hmmm... my total Monster Hunter hours from (MHF1, MHF2, and MHP2G)... i say i've spent 900+ hrs on them and i'm still looking forward to the next MH game.

I wish we could play Frontier or MH3 on our PS360 instead of the Wii/PC.

Johnny Rotten3396d ago

900 hours,,, holy jeez I can't do the math in my head but I'd say your looking at almost 2 years worth of University credits!

LOL now if only you can put Monster Hunter on your resume :)

ThanatosDMC3396d ago

There's people out there who's played 500+ hrs on each game than i have. I've only put 300+ hrs on each game. My PSP was used very well because of this game.

I used to play on campus but then this chick started tagging along with me with her PSP always wanting to play. She's not that bad looking but... i cant stand her scent. I swear, you are what you eat. I always give her gum for that matter.

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mikegotgame3396d ago

I've just started playing Freedom Unite myself, and it is overwhelming. Unfortunately, I don't have anyone to party with where I'm from.

Myst3396d ago

There is always Ad-hoc party (PS3) or X-link kai (via PC)
So either way their are always hunters, just different means of finding them though. Don't know to much about the Xlink-kai because of my PS3, but Ad-hoc party is always teeming with new hunters as well as some vets such as myself.

BX813396d ago

Wow I'm surprised. Usually there is atleast 4 or 5 post of people crying about it's too early for DLC. The game just came out it should have been included. On a lighter note, I'm not a big fan of these types of games. I even tried WoW but this one really has me interested.

ThanatosDMC3396d ago

It's not really DLC per se. It's just those Event Quest and Challenge Quests, which i really think are all ready on the disk.

Well, at least we dont have to pay for them.

Myst3396d ago

Actually there was DLC out before this to, one dealt with the Hypnoc and the other I can't remember, exactly but yeah there were two already up.

Trust me, WoW has nothing on this game :p.

Not sure if they are or are not on the disc I'd probably have to check the contents of my mem stick via media go to verify whether or not they are or are not on. Though if they are it explains why we only had 3 pages of quests listed up on the page (via the game), yet it doesn't make sense as to why we could only download like 4~5 quests if they are already on the disk. Because of that I think we are probably downloading some components and the game does the rest maybe?

ThanatosDMC3396d ago

Maybe. We can only download a max of 6 quest assuming it's like MHP2G.

There's also a mod where you can create your own quest out there. So maybe we are downloading parts of it while the game creates the settings of what enemies/items shows up in the map/zones.

BX813396d ago

I'll go pick it up today! Hopefully it's not too hard to get into the game. This will be my first time playing it, so here's to gaming!

Myst3396d ago

*Sets a tape recorder by BX81*

That game will go from
"Oh this isn't quite so bad" to "Wait what the hell?!" which will be followed up by "How am I supposed to kill that thing!??!" To "Yippie!" Then "I'm not taking on that damn thing alone." All the way to "Bah, <Insert Wyvern name> is a piece of cake."


El_Colombiano3396d ago

All the way to "Bah, <Insert Wyvern name> is a piece of cake."

And then comes the Elder Dragons. Heh heh heh.

ThanatosDMC3396d ago

Then he'll say "Aw, SHIET! Please dont kill me!"

Myst3396d ago

Lol how could I forget them! I'm at the Lunastra, Teostra, and Chamelos at the moment at least elder wise and fought the Akantor...which is another thing that may make a person scream, but I just don't know what..:p

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